Dionne Warwick, The Unsung Queen of Pop

After another failed musical project in the 70s, Bacharach and David ended their musical partnership, leaving Ms. Warwick feeling betrayed. The ending of their musical legacies resulted in several lawsuits, while Warwick, Bacharach, and David wouldn't speak again for several years.

Dionne had a hard time finding her footing as an official solo act, as she relied on Bacharach and David's writing for many years. It wasn't until she collaborated with Spinners that she received her first #1 hit with Warner Brothers records in 1974.

In Ms.Warwick's personal life, she married and divorced William Elliot twice. After the second divorce, Ms. Warwick balanced her career and raising her two sons, while struggling to find new hits that flowed with the new generation's tone.

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He Doesn't Want To Be With You, He's Just A Good Guy

You are this vivacious, beautiful, good azz woman who is great to be around and a blast to be with. Your family says you are a great person. Your friends think you are terrific. The guys you don't want are all in enamored with you. You are this great catch so no man should be able to resist your charm.

Unfortunately, you can be the sweetest peach in Georgia, and there is still someone who may not like peaches. (Thanks Shanna!)

There is something about you that makes him not want to be with you in an exclusive relationship. But just because he doesn't want to be committed to you, doesn't mean that he doesn't see the value in the friendship with you.

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Woman is Drugged and Sexually Assaulted On Camera and Nobody Cared

The young woman went live several times on Facebook showing herself having a good time on her birthday trip. In on of her videos she shows herself dancing with a man in a black beanie and a black/white T-shirt. It appeared that she didn't know the man she was dancing with but was alert and having a drink while they socialized.

In her first several videos she's very vibrant and energetic while the man in the beanie appears to also be enjoying himself as well.

Moments later, the young lady appears to be dazed and lethargic while the man in the beanie that she had been dancing with prior is grabbing on her and assaulting her on film revealing her breasts and vagina on the Facebook broadcast.

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3 Reasons Why I Like Dating Single Fathers

Treat single fathers like you would treat childless men. What I mean is that you always take into account one's character. We know that there are shitty men with kids. (duh!)

Also, I'm talking about the men who are active in their child's life. Not the "I'll raise you when I see you"dads, but the single fathers who are sharing custody and responsibility with the mother. Which brings me to another point; Peep that relationship with the mother! If he doesn't have a good handle on the situation with the mother of his child, he may not be someone you want to take too seriously.

Many co-parents have great relationships with each other. I know the big blowouts between the bitter parents are what we often witness. That's because those disputes are what makes the big bucks for the media and gets the most likes on social media.

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Death in Costa Rica: The Tragic Disappearance of Carla Stefaniak

A frequent user of social media, her family immediately knew something was wrong. Her family contacted the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica and local law enforcement to alert them that Carla was missing. A witness stated that he saw her get into a car at 5 am to head to the airport. But her family says it couldn't be true because Stefaniak was frequently tardy and was 20-30 minutes away from the airport and wouldn't leave until later that afternoon.

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Lonely During The Holidays: Say No to Sex With Your Ex

The winter months are upon us, and you found your self still, single. I mean you had a great time this past summer. Dates all over the place, enjoying the heat and making moves, you had a fantastic summer! It just hasn't translated into a fantastic romance. Now that the temperature is dying down, cuffing season is upon us, and a certain someone may be dragging themselves back into your life. Yes, you guessed it, your raggedy ass ex.

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5 Things a Single Woman Traveling to India Should Know

India is too large a country for you to cover in a single trip. Every region of India has a long history, full of rich art and culture. To fully enjoy it, researching your target destination is an absolute must. Pretty much like everywhere else, locals love it when they see you know a thing or two about the place or show the same passion as they do in food and wine festivals.

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Why Are You Still Single?

Being single is great, but having a relationship is great too! Some of you ladies out here genuinely want a relationship and aren't all about the She-Ra-Sis-Boom-Bah single life lovers' chants. And ladies, that is okay. It's okay also to sit back and reflect on what you can do to make yourself a more attractive partner. Sometimes there are things we need to work on to be better mates, daters, or women period. We aren't all born already knowing how to be a good partner in a relationship. Sometimes you have to invest time into yourself to see what is stopping you from being great.

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What To Do When I Feel Lonely

I later moved into the loneliness phased. I missed dinner dates and cuddling. I missed being held at night and the great conversation that came along with it. Plus sex, I definitely missed the sex. That's when I thought the next natural step was to start dating. I joined E-Harmony and even went for a paid membership. I had one guy who clicked on my profile. We had talked on the phone a time or two before we went out, but I was still in the healing stage, I wasn't ready for a relationship at all. I wasn't impressed with the conversation, and upon meeting him, I wasn't impressed with him. It wasn't his fault; I just wasn't ready to let go and move on emotionally.

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Time Can Heal All Wounds and Friendships: Just Ask Destiny's Child

Latavia and Letoya attempted to form a music group together, but it ultimately fell apart. Letoya went on to have minor success with a solo career and launched a clothing boutique leading her to become a successful entrepreneur. Latavia starred in several stage plays and had success with a few reality television shows including R&B Divas. The ladies publicly stopped slandering each other, but the hurt feelings were still there.

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Missing Woman Found Dead; Frustrated Mother Wants Answers

Keiana Rogers never imagined her life without her daughter, Nickeisha Holloman (known as Keisha to her friends and family). Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Keisha was a fun and loving 23-year-old woman who loved her family, friends, and living life.  Like most young adults, Keisha was in the discovery stage of her life and was working on creating her path. July 1st was the last day Keiana spoke to her daughter. She caught a ride to a hair appointment but never made it. 

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It Wasn't Your Fault: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

Not in a million years did she think she would have been in this situation. She did her due diligence in identifying a good in-home provider. She checked the necessary government sites to ensure that the day care was a quality establishment. She spoke to other parents who brought their children to the daycare, yet her daughter was still a victim of sexual abuse. However, Keke’s quick reaction time, ability to pay attention to detail, and communication skills helped her convict and put away a child predator.

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Orange Is The New Black: The Rundown

Okay, season 6 or Orange Is The New Black is here and I have finally finished the season. This season you see a lot of old favorites disappear and new faces introduced as the women try to adjust to their new lives at Lichtfield Max. OITNB focuses on the aftermath of the prison riots which leads to some big changes for our ladies. If you haven't watched this, go to Netflix and get your binge on!

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Three Reasons Why Single Women Can Give Great Relationship Advice

The crazy thing is, she’s not the only one who thinks this. Many people think if a woman is single, she cannot give advice on dating. They don’t care that she had strong relationships and they didn’t work out because of differing end games. They don’t care that maybe she’s a widow or lost her significant other because of circumstances beyond her control. Heck, they surely don’t care that she is single, because she genuinely wants to be single.

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Beautiful Teen Slain in Oakland, California

The stabbing of the two sisters appears as a random attack at the MacArthur station. The suspect was a heavy set white man who appeared in his 20s and 30s with short hair, fled the scene and is still at large.

Late Sunday night, friends, relatives, and just people who were touched by this tragedy gathered to show support and remember the beautify Nia Wilson.

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E-Courses Can Be Great For Self Improvement

Typically called an E-Learning Course, these are online videos or presentations that teach you about various subjects. Going to college can be a great thing! You will learn a lot of skills, information, and talents. You will also network with others and build long lasting relationships. However, college can be expensive! In addition, though your professors are people who have experience in the fields that they they are teaching to you, many stick to textbook teachings which can be out of date or worse, the techniques work in theory, but haven’t been practiced.

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