Corporate to Self Employment: Finding a new Job


Finding a new job is rough.  So i’mma level set with ya’ll.  Y’all seem like some cool people.  You took the time to read this, so I can afford to be 100 honest with you.  My student loans have hit and those suckers are no joke!  If I could go back in time I would have done a lot of things differently! Maybe finish Kent State or go to a cheaper college.  Regardless, I owe and I need my finances to grow with me, especially seeing as though a sista got her MBA. *Pops collar ever so slowly* So, i’ve started posting out for a new position in the company I work for and let me tell you it has been no walk in the park.   Within the past year I have had at least 10 interviews.  I kid you not. I have at AT LEAST 10 interviews.  It's starting to feel like my personal life.  I can get you to bed me, but I can't get you to wife me.  It's a bit disheartening because when you ask for feedback you truly see that interviewers are truly human and rely on personal biases to make their overall decisions.  However, i've also learned that the higher up you move, the more it is about who you know, versus what you know.  I just never realized that the more knowledge and credentials you have, the harder it can be in finding a new job. 


In my current position I have a lot of moving parts and since I want to one day depart from corporate, i’d rather learn some new skills and leave a little of the grunt work behind.  I know I really want to work for myself, and I am tired of the corporate. Every day you just see more and more why I would love to be my own boss. Sometimes it’s a stupid process or a stupid person but each day I want to work harder and harder to meet my goals. I try to read and ingest so much knowledge to figure out what I can do bigger and better to increase sales.  I believe what I am learning is showing up in my work, specifically my website. I’ve watched youtube videos on how to clean up the theme installation process, how to update old versions of my theme and even how to install a new .htaaccess file.  I’m getting a little dangerous with all this knowledge i’m acquiring which I love!  Am I trying to be a web designer? No! Oh Hell no!....Just no.  However, I need my site fixed and waiting for me to find reliable, consistent help and having the funds to pay for that reliable help has made me tap into the “Power of Broke” which is an excellent book by Daymond Johns= and the creator of Fubu.  Hopefully the changes will make the site easier to navigate and welcome more viewers! :) I have also been working on my new product that will be launched on www.ShipShipSave.Com in the near future!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to start.  I appreciate the support so far and hope to garner additional going forward.  :)