13 Ways to Uplift Young Women: Hold Then Accountable for Their Mistakes and It Does Get Better


13 Ways to Uplift Young Women: Hold Then Accountable for Their Mistakes and It Does Get Better

Well if you are reading this either you just happened across this post or you have followed my entire series.  Either way it’s totally okay! I’m just glad you came! I didn’t realize how long this series would be and I will probably be more mindful of how long I should let them run. Enough about my mistakes, let’s talk ways to uplift our young women!



Hold Then Accountable for Their Mistakes

Kids are kids. They break things, mess up things, and never can admit that it was their fault. What makes it bad is when these habits aren’t checked as a child and they carry these crazy traits to adulthood. This may be a bit personal for me, but it is just horrible when someone does not want to own up to their mistakes.  It makes you someone that no one wants to work with, hire, or just do business with. Furthermore, in looking at accountability you sometimes have to look at yourself and determine "what did I do in this situation? How did we get here?"  Mistakes are a part of life, but you must learn from them in order to not repeat them. When people do not admit when they have made a mistake, they go through life thinking the world owes them something and that they are always the victim.  Yes, many people have drank and drove, but unfortunately in your situation you ran your mom’s car into a wall.  Yes, everyone likes to run with scissors, but you have fallen and created three holes, when there used to be two.  Whatever your mistake is, OWN IT! I promise you it will make you a better more respected person overall.



It Does Get Better


It does get better. I promise you it does. Many just can't see it. I had read this story where a teenage young man killed himself online because of immense bullying at school.  Unfortunately, the internet is exposing stories like these more and more everyday .  I can understand why kids may do this.  Kids do not understand the theory of “look towards the future” as well as we do. We havea past and have been blessed to live our future.  They are still working on creating their paths.  Going to school everyday to be taunted. Always feeling like you’ll never be the popular girl or heck just a cool girl. Not understanding the growths you are facing and just the fact that kids can be mean as schit. I mean they can be some horrid little turds.  (no offense to actual turds) The good thing that us adults have learned is that those 4 years of high school is temporary.  Most people who were prom queen or king have truly nothing to show for it except for that memory and the dusty awards that sit in their garage.  Being the most popular in high school means absolutely nothing in your adult life when you get down to it.  And if you are lucky and you push through the pain, discomfort, and awkwardness of high school you may get to witness a small feeling of revenge when you see that the homecoming queen is serving 7-10 for shoplifting used underwear.


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So over the past 2 months I have come up with 13 ways to help uplift our young women and hope that they stay on track to make it to their futures. There is no one way to teach our daughters how to love themselves but we know there are at least 13 ways to get her to start!



Taking a week off but come back to our next series, what men really want!