13 Ways to Uplift Young Women: Teach them about Respect and Quality Relationships/Friendships


13 Ways to Uplift Young Women: Teach them about Respect and Quality Relationships/Friendships


One more week and the series is over!!! A long one indeed but necessary all the same!  What are we talking about this week?  Learning respect and seeing quality relationship/friendships.


Respect for others is nice, but I meant it more so as for respect for oneself.  As you go back in time, the internet was not something that we always had access to. However, it appears that although this is a wonderful invention, it is another way for us to show our a**.  IG, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., etc.   So many different ways to talk to the same dang people and so much more ways to get in trouble.  Young women are putting themselves in compromising positions online for the sake of likes and expression, but don’t understand that this age, this moment, this feeling is temporary.  You will not always be 16,17,18 years old.  However, what you put online is forever.  Things your employers can pull up, your future children, and don’t even think about doing politics. (well, actually…..) The things you put out into the world can come back and do great harm and damage to you. The choices you make today can alter your path in the future.  The other part to respect is how you carry yourself in public.  Unfortunately, (and sometimes fortunately) people will judge your entire life based on how you look and act.  I see many young women walking around with their boobs out and their bottoms out, which I honestly am not super against.  If you got it flaunt it right? However, be mindful that if you dress like a lady of the night you will likely be treated like a lady of the night. (aka a H*e ladies.  You will be treated like a h*e. I was trying to be subtle about the situation) This reminds me of a comment that Dave Chappelle made years ago in his stand up.   If someone runs up to a police officer and says I’ve just been robbed please help me! He may say “Ohhhh I’m not an officer! I just like to dress up like one!” LMAO I mean you had to see it, I know I butchered the comment, but in my head schit was hilarious!  All I’m saying is that people are watching and perceptions run everyone’s lives, regardless of it is true or not.  Carry yourself with respect and you will gain a lot more of it.

Quality Relationships/Friendships

I will say a lot of us come from broken homes.  Lack of proper role models (male and females) and many divorces have littered and obscured our views on proper relationships/friendships.  Another issue is that people don’t know how to interact with other people.  We don’t realize that friendships are like relationships. There is give and take involved.  You can’t just always have it your way and then only compromise when you want to compromise. If young women never see good relationships/friendships they unfortunately never know how to have one themselves. I remember growing up my grandmother always told me not to have a lot of female friends or she didn’t have friends because women are jealous and sneaky. Sometimes she was right, but that’s people in general.  A shady person is a shady person. But what my grandma (God love her) didn’t realize was that she was planting the seed of "friendships cannot work with other women, so don’t even try."  Fortunately, I also listen to myself and I’ve had the same friends since I was 14 years old.  These are women who are strong, bright, funny, and most importantly they love me for who I am.  (Kudos ladies, I know that’s tough!)  Friendship is important to help you through the bad, share with the good, and learn from it all.  I learned so much from my friends that I credit them for helping me grow from my teenage years to an adult.

Relationships are just as important for a young woman.  What she sees is most likely what she seeks. Be it consciously or subconsciously.  If she comes from dysfunction she more than likely will seek dysfunction.  If she comes from a home where she had a strong male role model, she’ll want a man who treated her like her father did. (Which I hope is well!) Leaving young girls to learn what a good man is and what he is not can lead to all kinds of roadblocks.  She'll date deadbeats, losers, low self-esteem, etc. She'll make poor mate decisions that can lead to issues down the road and ultimately take her off her path.  However, a good relationship will show her what she should expect in her life. It will show her what’s healthy and appropriate.  Too many toxic relationships are creating toxic mindsets that are putting these young women in toxic situations.

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