Four Way to Have a Merry Single Christmas

What Do They Single Do At Christmas?

This Christmas I’ll will be celebrating it solo dolo. (With the exceptions of my parents. They are my Christmas day boos) I’ll be in my house alone with my pit bull dog, a big ole tree, and nothing but space.  Some of you are looking at me like, “Oh that is so sad. How will she deal with life? Will she kill herself?” Everybody, Relax. Though I love the idea of family filling up my home with sounds of joy and love, I personally am super pumped about this Christmas Day and what I’ll be doing for myself during this holiday.

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People expect you to be all down in the dumps this holiday, sad because someone didn’t buy you something which you could buy yourself. I’m not falling for that trap my friends. There are way too many things to do with my life, versus spending that time mentally reviewing my failed relationships and hating from the sidelines on all the FB couples who will be getting engaged. (Congrats in advance ya'll!)

I have a fun packed Christmas weekend planned and trust me, being single makes it even better


4 Ways To Have A Happy Single Christmas


Treat Yourself To a Fancy Meal

Some of you may be cooking for Christmas and if so, that’s great! I’ll touch on how that may help you in a moment.  Let's focus on the non cookers first! The thing about Christmas is that everyone automatically assumes that everything is closed. However, that is a misconception. Many people do not celebrate Christmas which I think is great because everyone doesn’t need to do the same thing. Not to mention, many businesses see this as a great opportunity to gain additional dollars from those who are looking for things to do on Christmas day. 

In fact, here is something you can do to get your plans started.  Go to your trusty smart phone or computer and type in “Restaurants Open on Christmas Day”. This will bring up places near you that are open and ready for you to visit them. For my Columbus, Oh people, click here for a small list of restaurants that will be open on Christmas Day.

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On the Cheap Side

If you cannot afford to go out to a fancy dinner (Which I completely understand) you gotta get a bit creative. Take the food that you collected from visiting family and friends (or that you so graciously cooked) warm it up, and put it on your good dishes (or just a dish if that's all that you have). Grab you're fancy glass of wine/milk/henny/water, etc.   Get out some candles and make a nice little setting for yourself. If you don’t have food, run to your nearest Aldi’s and grab you some things to make a fancy meal.  Maybe crab legs and steak? Pull up a movie you have been dying to watch, sit back, and enjoy!


Go to the movies

Take a little bit of your money and check out a movie that you always wanted to see.  Don’t be worried that you will be by yourself. Just go out and enjoy the company of yourself.  You may be surprised to walk into the theaters and see other people who are in groups or who are alone. Do not be ashamed, it’s 2017. We have to stop caring about what people think and start living our best single Christmas lives.(yay!)

AMC has many movies that will be showing on Christmas Day. Personally, I recommend Thor:Raganarok. I love the humor and action in this movie, plus Chris Hemsworth is totally bae. AMC also has the dine-in otion which allows you to eat, sit back and relax as if you were at home. Just don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep.

One the Cheap Side

 If you can’t do those high movie prices, there are alternatives.  Use your home streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. (Firesticks are perfectly good as well!)  If you don’t have them, you can just go to those sites and try it out for a few days for free.  Pick a movie or a TV series and go crazy! Grab you your favorite snacks and catch up on new shows, old shows, and shows that are Netflix originals. On Netflix, I’ve been watching 'Sherlock' staring Benedict Cumberbatch (also the star of Doctor Strange). It covers Sherlock’s adventures but gives it a more updated twist!



Get your pamper on

If you are like me, you are always on the go and never have enough time to just sit down and treat yourself. Here is your shot to go out and find something that is going to have you so relaxed that you will be floating on air when you go back to work.  Get that works mani/pedi package or try something you haven’t done before, like a massage! Groupon is a great place to start locating discounts/deals for your pamper session so that you will not have to break the bank but still get the pleasure of being catered to.  Normally, you will have to go to in the morning to get serviced because they are often closed earlier due to the holidays.

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On the Cheap Side

DIY it! Which means if you can’t afford someone else to pamper you, do it yourself.  Get out your Epsom salt, your foot soaker, and be your own pamper machine. If you got a lot of pamper stuff for Christmas, this is a perfect time for you to try it out! While you pamper yourself meditate while resetting yourself mentally. At the end of the day, it’s not just the outside of you that needs care, but your insides too.

Honorable Mentions

On a Cheap note

Can’t afford to buy tons of Bath and Body Works products? No worries! The internet has plenty of homemade recipes that you can use to start your pamper time! You wouldn’t believe all the in house products you have in your home that you can use to create a wonderful spa mixture.  Is the winter messing you up and creating those horrible dry patches? Try get to get some of those dead skin cells off by trying this DIY Natural Sugar Scrub. Click here for a recipe! )

Vision Board Party

A vision board is such a fun tool to have in your home. The theory is that you should visualize what you want, so that you can get what you want.  The idea is that when you want something the universe will do all it can to bring it to you but you must be precise in what you ask for.  This is where the vision board comes in. 

Use old magazines and clip out the pictures of what you want and paste them on paper or poster board.  For example, if my goal is to be a homeowner for next year, then I would find pictures of houses that I like, cut them from the magazine and paste them on my poster board.  I would do this for everything that I hope to obtain in 2018.  It’s like an art class project which is fun for adults.  The great thing about vision boards is that you will hang them up in a place where you will see it often and mentally keep yourself on track to achieve your goals. I like to do this yearly and I think it’s pretty cool! Click here for more on vision board ideas and examples to start your party.


Being single this Christmas doesn’t have to suck! You are the owner of your destiny and it’s time for you to stop being down about being single at Christmas and be glad that you have another year to celebrate.  Enjoy yourself and be thankful for what you have, because it could be so much worse.

What are your single Christmas plans?