ABC News Shades the F*ck out of Black Women

There is such fascination around black women’s ability to date and marry that we have an article telling us “Hey black women, we know you guys suck at dating, but look, here’s hope.”




As everyone knows Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry has been the talk of the media town.  The walls of Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites shouted cries of #blackgirlmagic! We have become accustomed to seeing European culture within the royal walls, that when someone of color comes and add some new flavor we can’t help but cheer them on.   I mean we are still having firsts and it's 2017. ABC tried to capture this in their oddly structured article, but failed miserably. 

The intent was admirable as they did try to capture the excitement of black women around the world. However, their attempt to support black women resulted in a shade grenade against black women, black men, and our relationships statuses.

What really set me off was their tone deaf article title, “For many black women, Meghan Markle’s engagement offers ‘hope’"

Hope? Really? I’m not sure which offended I should be.  Should I interpret this as black women are in such dating despair that this one person’s engagement is our relationship drought savior? Or that black men are such disappointments that black women are praying for a white miracle to save them?



ABC misinterpreted the excitement of a black woman breaking a color boundary. They instead chose to write an article placing a woman’s worth on her relationship status. 


But beyond the fanciful achievement, Markle’s moment also points to a dearth of positive examples when it comes to black women on the world’s stage.”  This sentence belongs to someone like Keisha Lance Bottoms, not someone who is upgrading her relationship. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m happy for her! I’m happy for any and all women of all races who become engaged, but she did just that, She got engaged. That’s not that difficult of a task. Granted she gets difficulty points for marrying royalty, but let’s not get out of hand.



What’s worse is you have a black woman’s words supporting such malarkey. We already have everyone else against black love, we don't need to fight among ourselves. Just to put it int to perspective how the world makes light of black couples, I went to, typed in black couples in order to find a picture for this post and had THEE hardest time finding pictures of a black man and a black woman. 


I’m not sure if she misunderstood what they were writing about or if her sentences were taken out of context, but comparing Meghan Markle to Michelle Obama is like comparing Cardi B to Corretta Scott King.  They both did some cool things, but they aren’t really breaking any important glass ceilings. Then ABC tries to take away the “accomplishment” by downgrading Markle’s blackness and stating that she rarely claims her African American heritage. If that’s the case, what’s the point of the article ABC?


I understand that people feel like there aren’t good men or women out there based on the experience of a couple thousand, but there are millions of great men and women who are married, dating, and just all around great people looking for the right one. I don't know I could be in my feelings ya'll.  Check out the article here and let me know what you think.