Holiday Robberies: How a Single Gal Stays Safe

In this post we will home safety tips and home safety products that you can use to keep your home safe and secure. 

New Holiday Crime Trend

It’s that time again, when people are letting down their guards for the holidays and the no good nicks are preying upon their niceness. Every year criminals try new and creative tactics to try and defraud/rob unsuspecting people of their hard earn cash and goods. This year they seem to become more emboldened in their tactics. Bordering home invasion (actually it probably is home invasion) criminals are working together in sets of 2 or more teams to run a criminal gambit. In one scenario, one person approaches your front door as if they are in need of something but hidden out of sight is some type of weapon used to force themselves into the home, while another person follows up moments later to assist the main person with the robbery.


In another instance, one person is a normal passerby who approaches your door unarmed posing as an innocent bystander while the other armed assailants are hiding out of sight waiting to pounce. As you see, people are becoming more clever in their tactics and unfortunately can cost us not only our holiday cheer but our lives. It is imperative that we take additional steps to secure our home safety and to ensure that this holiday season remains joyous and fun! In this post I will give you 5 ways to help add safety around the home and give you some piece of mind.



5 Home Safety Tips


1.   Install Home Security video

If you look at the pictures and links in this blog you will see that these criminals were caught by using home security cameras. These wireless home security cameras can be hidden in high areas to avoid anyone from tampering with the camera. Sometimes criminals will try to tape the camera lens or spray paint it with a dark paint in efforts to conceal their identities, so it’s important to make sure these are well hidden. A great type of security camera are the doorbell cameras which adds an additional level of security as most people do not know who has these cameras. I know you may think it will cost you an arm and a leg, but on sites like you can find good quality security cameras for as low as $30.


2.   Know Your Visitor

I have a strict home security policy. If you don’t call before you come over, there is a very good chance that you may not be able to get into my house. 1. It’s just common courtesy to call and 2. I may not be home and I hate to waste other people’s time. With that being said, I rarely get random visitors who visit my home unannounced. If I do happen to have a visitor and I’m home alone, I won’t answer it. Unless my pit bull is in the house, and he is always sitting on ready.

If you look out your window and you don’t know whom is at your door, and you don’t feel comfortable opening the door, you can do 1 of two things. 1. Not answer the door and just watch them, or 2. communicate through an intercom. (Old school tip, use the upstairs window to watch or speak to the visitor.) I know people sell things in the neighborhood and you can always ask them for a number or website if you are interested and then contact them a bit later when you are ready. If you feel any type of uncomfortable, do not answer the door.

No matter how sad or urgent they act, if you do not know them you cannot afford to put yourself at risk. If they need an emergency vehicle for help, call it for them. If they truly need help, they will not care how the police are called, just that they have been called. I would recommend to have a peep hole if you do not have one or try getting an intercom so that you can speak to visitors without having to open your door.


3.    Storm Doors Are Great

If you are a homeowner, you should have security storm doors or screens that go over top your regular doors. These add an extra level of protection to your home.  People have to remove this door, to get to your main door which would normally cause some unusual noises alerting you to potential intruders. It's also a great way to screen who comes to your door without having your main door wide open.  These doors can be a simple screen with glass that lock from the inside or they can be made of sturdy iron bars that are suppose to discourage intruders.  I normally lock those doors at night on top of locking my main door. It is like an extra home security measure that makes me feel a bit safer.



4. Get a dog

Now I know many people may not be able to get a dog, or even like dogs. However, dogs are freaking awesome. Not only are they great companions, but they are great security additions because they can offer several different ways to keep you safe.  When people approach your property the dog can and will alert you, which decreases the risk of criminals sneaking on to your premise.  They can also be a great deterrent for some based on the breed of dog that you have. If you have a large dog with an even larger bark, this alone can scare off intruders as many are scare of a dog's bite.(Totally makes sense.)  Finally, many dogs have a natural desire to protect their property.  If someone does enter your home unlawfully, they will be very surprised by what your trusty companion may do next.

Dog harness.jpg


5. Get Protected

Today, protection is very easy to come by and it doesn't always have to be guns. Not everyone is comfortable with owning and handling guns and that is okay. There are numerous weapons options to help protect yourself on the go and your home. Some options that are available to those who want to protect themselves have been created specially for women.  One that I highly recommend is the Damsel in Defense product line.  This company and it's individual consultants offer various forms of protection such as stun guns and pepper spray, with an emphasis on female protection.  Some of the weapons are very discreet, but very easy to use when the time comes.  Check out for more on their awesome affordable products.


Safety is number one for the Single Gal and should be taken seriously at all times.  What are ways that you will protect yourself against home invasions this holiday season?