Single Gal's Guide to Culture: Bolivia

I'm sure I studied a little something about Bolivia in high school. Unfortunately, I retained absolutely nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing, I do keep thinking about this guy named Simon Bolivar when I think of Bolivia. (Note: The country was actually named after him, so go figure.) I believe that the understanding of cultures and talking with different people is the key to loving one another as well as a personal growth in the knowledge you attain.  Sometimes we don't know what else is out there, but if given the opportunity to learn something new, we will grab it in a hurry.

I met up with Bolivian Blogger Gisselle of who was happy to share her knowledge as well her food on the day of Bolivian Independence. 





It is important to note that Independence Day is not widely celebrated in Bolivia as it is in the United States. In the United States, it is seen as a day for family reunions and good fun. 


Originally from Calfornia, Gisselle talked about being very connected with not only her Bolivian culture but the indigenous ancestry that makes up for almost 60 percent of Bolivian heritage.  Celebrations with family and friends as well as the style of dress are just a few things that make Gisselle so proud of her culture.  Matched with a desire to deepen her connection to her roots, Gisselle lived in Bolivia briefly, taking part in day to day Bolivian activities.   In a part of the video that is exclusive to the Facebook Single Gal group, she tells us a bit more about her typical day in Bolivia which was pretty interesting.

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Go to the link below to watch the full video: