Man Trolls  A Woman’s Prejudice Post and it’s Hilarious

When Prejudice Goes Wrong

Everyone thinks they are great at trolling until other people read their comments.  You have your stupidly, pointless, annoying trollage and then eventually you come across Oscar-winning, Omega Threat Level 10 trolling.

A woman posted on Facebook her “dangerous” tale at the local Krogers in Columbus, Oh.

Prejudice Gone Wrong

After reading this post, here are a few of the thoughts I had:

"Oh Snaps! She put a warning in the post, obviously there is some serial murder killer-ish shiggedy that’s about to go down."

'Maybe this guy is about to stab her over some cheese! I HATE when that happens!'

"Wayment, bring that back, Jack.  Soooooo all he did was follow you in a grocery store? Did he at least pinch yo a**?"

When she finished her anti-climatic story I was left with the thought "Ah, he’s Somali! I mean I can see how you would be scared." (pure sarcasm folks!) However, I question the level of her fear as she waited for him to exit and began to take pics of his car which was nowhere near her car, even to the point of following him to take more pics.






How can this type of prejudice go on unchecked? Enters Rashid “King Troll” Stevens.

Prejudice 5


But he didn’t stop at just expressing his very reasonable annoyance with her pumped up the storyline.  He trolled all her prejudice cronies in the process who empathized with the poster’s “terrifying” ordeal.

Prejudice 7
Prejudice 7


There was even a man advising her to arm herself against this confused bystander.


Prejudice 6


Now you may be saying "Miss Champagne B why are you downplaying this woman's harrowing ordeal? It seems like you are disregarding her feelings!"  Everyone has the right to be scared of anything. Dust, flies, bullets, whatever it is, you own it. However, it is unreasonable fears like this that have cost people decent humanity, respect, and at times, their lives.  It didn't seem like this man was taunting her, threatening her, or even menacing. She never expressed that he said anything to her or did anything else menacing other than just being behind her in the store on several occasions. There have been times in the store when it may have appeared that I have been following someone because we were just in the same path. There have been times when maybe I have stared at someone too long. Not because I'm a creep or planning a murder but because I find interest in what they are doing, admiring their beauty, or just staring off into space and they just happen to be in my line of sight.  

When you create unnecessary paranoia because of your "uncomfortable" biases, you create an overreaction in others and yourself.  Those chiming in were telling her to call the manager of the store.  To say what? That this guy following you in the store and not saying anything to you as he was grocery shopping and minding his own da*mn business? Someone recommended her to carry a weapon! Imagine taking a father away from his kids because of a coincidence. Killing a man for doing nothing more than being in the same area of you?  There was no reason for her to have this fear of this man within the store and with her partner present.

I could see if he followed her out to her car and further, but he was well within his rights. Do not pretend like we've never thought someone was following us to our house, just to see them turn behind us at the last minute. This fear is the reason that people call the cops, or even why cops "fear for their lives".  Preconceived thoughts and too much media make a skittish person even more paranoid which could lead to some very tragic consequences. She even began to follow him, take pics, and post on the internet to "prove" her case when in actuality she proved that she's a stalker. Seems like a whole bunch of unnecessary hubbub for nothing. What are your thoughts? Was she being unreasonable or realistic?