Ginuwine Opted Not to Kiss a Trans Woman on TV, but Why isThere Outrage?

On Celebrity Big Brother UK, R&B artist Ginuwine was placed in an unwinnable situation.  Him and fellow housemate India Willoughby were having a conversation where Willoughby asked him if he would date a trans woman.  Ginuwine said he wouldn’t date a trans woman and when Willoughby attempted to kiss the “Pony” singer. He swerved her affections, which then led to Willoughby angrily walking off.

Naturally, the internet has something to say about the 90s heatthrob's snafu.  Some feel that Ginuwine is trans phobic because he declined the kiss from Willoughby and stated he wouldn't date a trans woman. Others state that it is up to him to date and kiss whomever he so chooses.

Transgender persons are making strides in equality and fairness, yet some people are still not completely comfortable with the idea of dating or being intimate with a transgender man/woman.  I’m all for equality and fairness as everyone should get to live their true lives without fear of death or dismemberment.

On the flip side people are now forcing you to accept and participate in lifestyles that you may not agree with by shaming you and using words such as homophobia or trans phobic. There are plenty examples of people who truly have these phobias and are just real grade A arseholes. However, there seems to be an increase in social bullying by those who are marginalized.  You should definitely respect people’s choices which Ginuwine did, you do not, however, have to participate in their lifestyle practices.


Another issue is in this day in age sexual assault is the hot topic of all social media outlets.  It’s not just relegated to women as men have been victims of sexual assault also.  I bring this up to say, is this not sexual assault? Why is no one calling her out on forcibly trying to kiss a man who clearly was not interested from the get go? Everyone is focused on him expressing that he didn’t want to date someone who was formally a man, yet they give her a pass for pushing herself on someone. People will say “oh it’s a joke” or “it’s not that serious”, however anytime someone touches you without your consent, it is pretty serious.  Ask Harvey Weinstein.



Phobia means to have a fear, and he’s not scared of a transgender woman.  Based on what a transgender woman is, it is just not his cup of tea.   If someone didn’t want to date me because I was too heavy, I wouldn’t call them fat phobic, I would call them uninterested.  


What are your thoughts? If you choose not to date someone who is transgendered are you really trans phobic?