Lonely During The Holidays: Say No to Sex With Your Ex

The winter months are upon us, and you found your self still, single. I mean you had a great time this past summer. Dates all over the place, enjoying the heat and making moves, you had a fantastic summer! It just hasn't translated into a fantastic romance. Now that the temperature is dying down, cuffing season is upon us, and a certain someone may be dragging themselves back into your life. Yes, you guessed it, your raggedy ass ex.

Sex With Your Ex

And the way these nights are feeling you find yourself kicking the thought back and forth in your head, whether or not you'll take him back.

He will put it on thick; Talks about how he was wrong and how he's grown; Extra attention to you in the morning with special texts, and yes, pushing those old buttons that made you want to throw him down on the ground and....you know.

However, he is an ex for a reason. No matter how cold and lonely you may get, don't go back down that path! (At least not out of desperation) It took you a grip to get over him, don't give him another chance to break your heart due to lack of warm weather.

Sex With Your Ex

If you are going to give your ex a second chance, I'm not all the way against it as sometimes people do change. But probably not within a few months. If they have, then they don't mind you taking your time for the sake of history.

But honestly, they probably are just in need of some consistent companionship, and it's hard to find it in the winter months.

But stay strong! I have a few reasons why you shouldn't get back with your ex due to winter loneliness.

1. There was a reason you broke up:

Think about why you weren't together. What drove you apart? Was it because they were serving in the Army and you had a hard time making it work? Or was it because he was dead weight and provided no value to the relationship? Perhaps you guys fight always, and it is just getting out of hand? Before you go back, think about the real reason you broke up with each other and if it is worth it to go back down that path.

2. He's just lonely too:

Some people say its great when two lonely people get together, but that's only if they are satisfied with self and get together with the one he truly wants. Sometimes people do things out of boredom and comfort. If you backslide into those relationship emotions, you could end up with a broken heart.

3. You're scared to try something new:

We did talk about how being comfortable can fit us so well. We know we should stop this thing we have with him, but we have so much history, and he knows me so well!!!! Ugh!!! What a dilemma! There are some good guys out here, don't miss out on them by giving redos to exes and wasting your time.

Sex With Your Ex

Have you gotten back with an ex over the holidays? How did it work out?