Want Bright Teeth? Try Halo Smile

If you are a smiler like myself or work in positions where people will see your teeth you may want to brighten your smile as quick as possible. Halo Smile not only whitens teeth but does so without the use of harsh chemicals. Here's my story on how I found this great product!

I live my life on a whim...sometimes. I like to try new things and see where they take me. Or I mister Magoo things, (misses Magoo in my situation.) Sometime earlier this year I went to the Arnold Sports Festival. This is a festival where people who are into fitness (and I mean REALLY are into fitness) come to unite to celebrate health and fitness.

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Started in 1989, the Arnold Sports Festival has been held in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and commands thousands of attendees from all over the world.

I had been there for an event to crush the dreams of high school kids but confused my days. Since I was up at 7 am, I figured I would go and see what the hubbub was all about.

I ran into all kinds of people that were fun and exciting but was most intrigued by a product that required a weird flexible thing to be inserted into your mouth in order to show your teeth.

White Halo Smile

I laid in the middle of thousands of people, unsure what this product was going to do to me. The two wonderful women at the station explained the product was called Halo Smile it is like makeup for your teeth. Instead of having to wait for hours or days to brighten your teeth, you can use this easy solution to create an instantly white smile.

The ladies walked me through each step of the process and I finally ended up laying back on a reclining chair with the weird flexible thingy that opened my mouth out really wide allowing my teeth to "dry". It also helped stop the saliva from running down the side of my mouth making me look crazier.

The alarm went off and I was able to sit up and see my teeth. I was skeptical at first but when I saw the results from Halo Smile I couldn't deny the method any longer. I was impressed at how natural it looked and how my teeth had that perfect white glow. It took less than 30 minutes and it was something that you could do at home while watching t.v.....which I eventually did later on.

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I liked using Halo Smile because when I run to an event or do something where people are going to be close to my face, and most importantly my teeth. When my teeth have that extra brightness it makes me want to keep smiling because I feel so confident of my smile. I don't even notice that I have an overbite or a weird space in my teeth. That brilliant white overrides everything else!

White Halo Smile

What's The Big Pro?

I don't have to have to wait 7 days or greater to see a change in my teeth. I get to see it instantly without issues regarding sensitivity like I've experienced with other tooth whiteners. I also love the numerous instructions and tools that Halo Smile provides to help you get started and improve your application techniques.

What's the Big Con?

You have to practice putting on the product. The thing about Halo Smile is that they recognize that too much white can make you look like you have Chiclets in your mouth. To help with perfecting your shade, Halo Smile sends a chart that shows you the best shades to help you attain your look. Also, Halo Smile it is temporary and if you don't use the solution provided in the kit it can be hard to remove the product by using only your regular toothpaste.

The Verdict?

Give Halo Smile a try! The package has a lot to offer to help you get the most out of the product. There are even Youtube reviews and tutorials that can show you more about how to use the product. (Check My Link Below!)

Watch my experience with Halo Smile Here.

Ready to try it? In exchange for your donation to Halo Smile's kickstarter campaign, you have the opportunity to try the product at an extremely discounted rate! Click here to learn more.