Women Share Hilarious Stories About Their Drama Kings

Being overly emotional is often seen as a female trait by many. Whether it's in movies or literature, there is often a portrayal of an overdramatic woman who everyone thinks "Ugghhh she makes all women look bad!". But overdramatic men? Who would have thought that existed!!!

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Well, I did...but that doesn't matter.

A Twitter post by @_lifeofjada stated "Men are so overdramatic. You can tell a man"I don't like when you joke about that" and they'll respond with "Ok fine, I'll never speak again."

A hilarious post on its own, Comedian Kev On Stage followed up with his hilarious take on overdramatic men.

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Although Kev was funny, his audience was even funnier. Check below for some of the funniest comments left by women who encountered Kings of Dramedy.

Men Are So Dramatic
Men are So Dramatic
Men Are So Dramatic

Even men got in on the jokes!