Wakanda Black Panther Woman are You?

For The Love of Black Panther


I am totally on the Black Panther train. Not just recently, but my fascination for comic books started when I was a wee single gal and was passed down from my mother to myself. I stumbled upon Black Panther due to his courtship with Storm, my favorite character. I mean a dark skin black woman who is a level 5 mutant? Yes, please! So my connection to this character and those around him is a bit personal. 

To see such a story brought on to the big screen was pretty amazing, not to mention seeing a majority black cast which is a rarity in the Hollywood arena.  It does something to you, like increase your pride or start calling every black person you see "fam".  When you see others who look like you doing positive things, you feel like “Yeah! That could be me! I could be a guy dress as a panther righting the wrongs of society.”  Well maybe not that specific idea, but you get the picture. But what threw me into a loop of "yassssses" was the women of Wakanda.

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I saw these young ladies in actions and thought to myself “Okay Den!”.  If you look at many of the marvel movies and many of super heroes moves that have been produced into major motion pictures, the majority of the characters were white men.  Now you can argue that more boys read comic books than girls,  but the fact remains that girls do read comic books and we need some kick ass characters ourselves.  Even on a more granular level, black girls are ready for heroes that embodies their personalities and overall innate power. 

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Black Women Support Rocks!

This is why I love Black Panther. Yes, the man character of the film was a strong black male (hey Chadwick bae!), but his supporting cast members consisted of strong black women.  They supported T’challa’s vision and had his back on every occasion.  Okoye (Danai Guirira) was willing to jack up someone over touching her king. Talk about ride or die! I want to also add that these women weren't damsels in distress. (Save me T'challa boo!) These women held their own and was about that life, especially my girl Okoye.

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I love pronouncing her name with the fake African accent that I've been working on. Her name may be the ish, but her overall fierceness comes from who she is and how she operates. Okoye may have served the king because it was her duty, but she was actually T’challa’s friend too. In today’s day and age we see some black men and women fighting each other when we should be uniting. Pointing the fingers at each other in regards to who is more advance, who let our race down, who hurts more feelings, etc, etc, etc. We are in need of healing and help and though this movie may not be the answer it definitely gets the conversation started.

Black Women and Super Heroes are Synonymous

I couldn’t pick one favorite female character, because they are all just so dang important.  All of them have amazing qualities that I feel that many of us possess. It is what makes us great and has been passed down from generation to generation. The will to survive, grow, and excel.  The ability to stand up and fight for those around us and for what we believe in.  The women of BP are the type of women who Oprah would invite to her tea party and ask them “What do you know for sure?”

Let's Travel to Wakanda!

When I looked at the main female characters of the movie I could see each of their qualities in many women that I know. I sat there and was able to place my mother, best friend, so on and so on, which again led to that internal pride surge rising within my spirit.   They showed that they can get their point across without having to be degrading or degraded. 

They were able to enjoy themselves yet be proud of who they were, while embracing femininity and strength. The cool thing is these women are hidden heroes among us, heck I would say inside of all of us.  They brought our emotions and power to the screen while screaming, “I’m a black woman, you better deal with this sh*t!” If I had to absolutely pick one that I identify with, it would be the amazing Shuri.  Funny, brilliant, and ready for action, my girl Shuri doesn’t just talks about action, she is about action.



Wakanda Black Panther Woman are You?



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Strong and unwavering, Okoye has an extreme duty to her land and her king.  Though it may seem blind based on the fact that she was willing to kill her man for her country, she also was able to step out of boundaries when she deemed that the new king was not acceptable to rule. Fiercely loyal and the top warrior in her country, Okoye has no problem showing her playful, loving, side here and there to those who are worthy.




Great at hand to hand combat, Nakia has an easy going personality that is ready for action when duty calls.  She prefers to use her talents to help those in need and does not like to stay in one place too long.  Always loyal to her friends and homeland, Nakia is a free spirit that goes to where she is needed.


Queen Mother/Ramonda

queen mother.jpg

Regal and caring, Queen Mother loves her children to the fullest and is proud of all that they do.  Willing to allow her children to make their own way, Queen Mother will not hesitate to get her hands dirty when it comes to her babies.





Fun and outgoing, Shuri’s love of technology allows her to help those around her be a better version than what they are. Her vision for the future translates into top of the line tech that has even the great king in awe of her abilities.  Playful in nature, Shuri is always willing to help out those in need regardless of their background.



So I ask ya’ll, which one are you?

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