March G.A.L Award: Noelani Niko Alexis

What is a G.A.L Award?

Every day we are blessed to live among heroines and sometimes they go unnoticed. Well, now I’m giving you the chance to recognize a lady hero who exhibits someone who has heart. The nominee must have exhibited the traits below: 

  • Actions to be a better person today than she was yesterday

  • Involves her self with social activism and/or community activities

  • Uplifts, supports, and empowers other women to be great

  • A leader to those all around her

  • Uses her benefits and/or skills to improve the community and her surroundings

  • In spite of adversity, she has excelled and succeeded in achieving her desired life goals

All winners will receive their very own blog post in addition to a lovely piece of jewelry courtesy of Ship, Shop, Save.  

This March G.A.L Has Heart!


This month I have chosen to highlight Noelani Niko AlexisLet's learn more about this wonderful woman. 

·   Name: Noelani Niko Alexis

·   Age: 29

·   Occupation: Writer

·   Tell me about yourself:

I am a writer born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I was raised by a single parent (my mother), and  raised with my younger brother. My dad passed away when I was eight years old, but my mom always reminded me of his love and God’s love overall. Her beliefs and teachings, and the teachings of my family members on both sides, taught me that love conquers all. With my  passion for reading and writing as well as my encouragement from the power of love; I decided  to join the two things that had an impact on my life and use it to encourage others. I want to inspire the world to Love More and Live More. When we encourage and love each other, we feel better as individuals, as a people. Love makes us strong.

SkinCeuticals ACD

·   Relationships Status: Engaged

·   What is something you are proud of? My Growth

·   What moves you? God, Family, My Best Friend and fiancee, Lindsley, and my best friend Emily 

·   What is the best piece of advice that you have received? “Have Faith”

·   T’Challa, Killmonger, or M’Baku, who is bae? M’Baku, I like a Big, Strong Man haha. Makes me feel protected.

·   Name a mistake you made and how you learned from it? Trying to make things happen in my own timing. God’s timing is the best timing. 

·   What is a book that you recommend to others: The Skin I’m In by Sharon G. Flake

·   Name one thing that you do for self care? Listen to music, Journal, Meditate.

·   When was the last time you cried? 30 seconds ago 

·   Name one of your heroes? Angelina Jolie. She’s always giving back and seeking ways to help the world. She’s also fierce and mysterious. I feel like we have that in common. Though I can be very interpersonal, I still have a mysterious side.

·   What do you want other single women to know? Self Love is the best love. I learned that the Hard Way.

·   Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Owning my own business and Encouraging people from all over the world. 

· Name something that scared you and how you overcame it: Bugs. I went to Hawaii and stayed in a jungle for a week to conquer my fears. I still shriek but remind myself, “I made it out there, I can make it anywhere”.  

·   What is one quote/theme/phrase/mantra that you live by:”Treat Yourself”

·  Find more about Noelani on her blog at

SkinCeuticals ACD

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