Beyonce and Jay-Z is doing another 'On the Run' Tour!?!? Sike! *Updated Info

Imagine you are at your house eating your last piece of bread with some miracle whip. A few left over shreds of lunch meat that were in that plastic baggy that was almost empty.

You didn’t feel like you were that poor, but you didn’t want to waste food either so you kept it. Just in case you had a moment where you were super hungry and wished you hadn’t thrown away said lunch meat.  

Now imagine you get a text from your buddy saying, “Eh free pizza on me!” Now you are like “OHHHHHHHHHHH” and you are thinking about the ways you are going to show this person you appreciate them. Maybe twerk for them or wash out their mailbox, Idk I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. Then you go back to accept said meal, only to find out that the text is now gone! Then you try to text and call this dude, but now they won't respond. You suck buddy!

Was that extreme? Yep.  Did that not make sense? I’m sure it didn’t, but here’s what else doesn’t make a lick of sense; Today, the internet was all a buzz with news of the great Beyonce and Jay-Z coming back to do an 'On The Run 2' tour. If you remember, in 2014 Beyonce and Jay-Z did a joint tour which was legit fire.  I’ve been a fan of Beyonce’s performances and Jay-Z is the only rapper that I actually liked seeing in concert. So seeing them together was a definite treat and pleasure. Maybe a treasure??

Naturally, I was super pumped! My sister friend and I had the pleasure of traveling down to CIncinnati, Ohio to see this epic performance and let me tell you being boo'd up didn't seem so bad. This couple moved in unison and showed that they are a movement by themselves and a force when they’re together.

The 'On the Run' Tour proved to the world that you can get money either single or as a duo as long as you both are about your business. At the end of the concert, the Carters shared personal moments from their wedding, birth of Blue Ivy, and their own private family collection.

As a card carrying member of the Beyhive, I stay on ready to go see Queen Bey in concert. Until, I went searching for the concert dates and they were nowhere to be found. The concert was announced and then removed from the ticketing sites and the artists' sites. There have been no comments made to address the magically disappearing tour, nor were there any hints of an upcoming tour.  This tends to be normal in the marketing life of Beyonce.

Sounds like someone made a super mistake and may have to find a new job. Or, perhaps it's another one of the Carters’ ingenious marketing ploys.

Let's be honest as over the top and electrifying their performances can be, the Carters’ marketing team is even better. Normally marketing teams oversaturate the market in preparation of an artist’s tour, album, or any type of product and/or service that they are trying to generate coins from.

But since the drop of her unexpected visual album 'Beyonce', team Carter has shown that they know how to grab the audience's attention and keep it.

This duo's last two albums dealt with themes of infidelity, anger, growth, and forgiveness. People were choosing sides as if they were best-friends with the Carters or just because they could relate to this famous couple’s ‘ordinary’ issues. We saw a breakdown of a marriage, a reconciliation of a marriage, and now a united front with their newly added additions to the family.  The Carters gave their thirsty fans a drop of water and we are looking for more. Well played Carters, well played.

Now They Are Really Ready

Looks like finally the Carters have announced their official tour which is visible on their websites and pre sale tickets are available on 3/14 at 9am in North America.  Join her email list to be notified of opening ticket sales and upcoming concert dates. 

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