Confessions Of A Single Gal: Part 1

I have a friend who is messing with a guy who is basically using her. He calls her a really good friend and shares a lot with her. He told her things that men shouldn’t really be telling anyone,  and talks to her about other ladies he may be interested.

They go around talking about gorgeous women as a team because she’s comfortable in her skin and can recognize beauty elsewhere. He tells her that he isn’t looking for a relationship and that he thinks she’s amazing, but he has two much on his plate, including entertaining other women who are super into him. (Did he say that? Of course not. But we know it's true.)

Now, she realizes that he’s not into her like that, and of course he wants to be intimate with her, but yet never wants to hang out with her outside of work. Once again she realizes that he’s just using her. I could go on and on about the things she does for him, but it would paint her as an even greater fool. However, she realizes that she needs to move on and leave him alone.

Casual Dating

She dates other guys of course because she realizes she’s not the only one. However, she wants to be with him and she feels like he wants to be with her….then she realizes he’s just keeping her on the hook until he gets himself where he needs to be. Once again she’s okay with that because she has physical needs and he is giving her the most bestest of the D. Not enough that she is addicted but enough that she isn’t geeking for it on the daily.

Well, on this particular day she saw a post on Facebook from one of the chicks that he kicks it with in his "spare time". The woman on Facebook, talks about spending time with him and how he makes her feel amazing.  Our woman doesn’t get hurt per se, but it was probably something she needed to see to reinforce the fact that he is just playing her.


Now our girl will tell another chick in her situation that she should move on. Or make sure she keeps her heart separated, but it’s hard for her to take her own advice. Just like many of us. Why is it so hard to take our own advice? We know this is good stuff and we know we are giving some A1 advice but why do we not take it? Do we feel like we are above our own advice? That we can beat it? Or maybe we think if we keep giving others this advice that somehow our own issue will become better.

The difference between our girl in the story and some other chicks is that she is aware she is getting played. She knows that nothing more will happen, but she’s just taking this because, supposedly, something is better than nothing.

She should probably take her own advice. She won’t, but she knows she should. However, she isn’t alone, in her conundrum. We very often don’t know how to practice what we preach. The advice sounds all good and dandy, and here is the kicker we know that it’s good! We know that we need to start/stop what we are doing. But why don’t we?