E-Courses Can Be Great For Self Improvement

Have you heard about E-Courses? They are one of my favorite items to invest in! Many of us buy all types of items from online sources. Items such as jewelry, clothes, food, etc. But now you can buy education as well!


Buy education? Online? From random people?!?!


I know, it seems weird, but it isn’t really. You are purchasing courses from leaders in these specific fields. Case in point, if you want to learn how to market a new product you created or a program that you have, you may want to learn more about marketing. However, you realized that you don’t have the time and money to enter into college to take courses. At this point, you can go online and purchase an E-Course for  marketing tactics from those who have been in the marketing field for years. (like Neil Patel).


Or perhaps you want to become a photographer but your time is limited. You finally decide to take a chance and search online for photography training and you find someone who runs a successful photography business and is very proficient in their talents. So proficient, that they decided to create a course and share their techniques with others around the world.


Typically called an E-Learning Course, these are online videos or presentations that teach you about various subjects. Going to college can be a great thing! You will learn a lot of skills, information, and talents. You will also network with others and build long lasting relationships. However, college can be expensive! In addition, though your professors are people who have experience in the fields that they they are teaching to you, many stick to textbook teachings which can be out of date or worse, the techniques work in theory, but haven’t been practiced.



E-Courses IN NO WAY will replace college/university. However, it is a great alternative to continuous education if you are limited in your budget and time. Furthermore, it is an awesome way to test out a subject that you have been thinking about going to college to learn but wasn’t sure if this was for you.

E-courses can cost as little as 0$ or can go as much as in the thousands depending on who is the authority teaching you the information.

Here are some FAQs I hear from people questioning e-courses.


Are all courses the same?

Not all  E-Courses are made the same. What one person may create and present isn’t how another person may present their information, but that doesn’t mean their course is bad. You have to find a teacher whose style you like and you can stick with them or find similar courses to what they taught.


How do I know if the courses are good?

Check reviews on courses before you try them. Reviews are a good indicator of how well the course is made. If there aren’t reviews because the course is new, try to research the course creator. Normally, they have a blog and may have information regarding their subjects and on themselves for you to review.


Why do I even have to pay for an E-Course? All the things they teach can be found online anyway.

You are paying for people’s time and effort. Many people have created their course after hours of research and practice. Then they put it in an easy format for you to learn, digest, and put into action. You are free to research the information but many people don’t have the time and patience to do so, thus they rely on E-Learning.


Who should try E-Courses?

If you can read and listen, you can take a course. Many courses are self paced, so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. More importantly, most courses allow you to pay for it once, and use that information for a lifetime!

Where are some places I can find E-Courses?

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Luckily Single Gal Guide offers several E-Courses for you at various prices! Check them out here and see which ones you like!

Udemy- This offers an array of course on various subjects, from learning how to code to marketing your business.

Youtube- It’s not just for vlogging but many people use Youtube as a way to create tutorials with the everyday internet user in mind.


You should always focus on continuous improvement and learning about things outside of your comfort zone. That’s how you learn new techniques, improve your personal skills, and discover things that you want to do in your day to day living.



If you are looking to step your toe into E-Course, I have a free basic Instagram training that you can try right here! Happy learning!