Beautiful Teen Slain in Oakland, California

On Sunday July 22, two young ladies were stabbed in Oakland, California. One person was injured, while the other victim, Nia Wall died at the scene.  The alert was sent from the BART station and very little details are available at the time.


The stabbing of the two sisters appears as a random attack at the MacArthur station. The suspect was a heavy set white man who appeared in his 20s and 30s with short hair, fled the scene and is still at large.


Late Sunday night, friends, relatives, and just people who were touched by this tragedy gathered to show support and remember the beautify Nia Wilson.


There is one eye witness who stated he saw one of the victims bleeding from the neck while the assailant was poking the other victim. BART police arrived and gave one of the victims CPR. The victim was described as “coming out of nowhere”.


If you have any additional information to help put this murderer behind bars or was there during this fateful evening, please, please, reach out to the police to share this information.




Suspect has been captured. Murder suspect John Lee Cowell was arrested on July 23rd for the killing of Nia Wilson and wounding her sister Lahtifa Wilson. Great work and quick work everyone!