Three Reasons Why Single Women Can Give Great Relationship Advice

Here I am, talking to my good friend Veronica about my next steps in life. I am a life coach and focus on self development, professional development, and potential entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. However, I wanted to add “Dating Coach” as I’m pretty skilled at dating and just all the research and studying i’ve done on human interactions, thought patterns, yada, yada, yada. (Plus my dates go pretty well, i’m just saying!)


Vero, (as I love to call her) twists her face up at me as if I said I wanted to be The Pope.  “’re single….”, she said timidly. I’m sure she wasn’t trying to be insulting, but I knew what she was thinking. “How can single women give relationship and dating advice?”

Single Women Give Good Advice


The crazy thing is, she’s not the only one who thinks this. Many people think if a woman is single, she cannot give advice on dating. They don’t care that she had strong relationships and they didn’t work out because of differing end games. They don’t care that maybe she’s a widow or lost her significant other because of circumstances beyond her control. Heck, they surely don’t care that she is single, because she genuinely wants to be single.


All they know is that she doesn’t have a man right now, so she couldn’t possibly be an authority on dating.

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ANYONE can give advice on anything! Your job as the recipient is to listen and discern if that advice is good advice. Good advice is good advice. I’ve received some amazing advice from people who shouldn’t give advice at all.  


My father was not present in my life growing up. He was off trying to make it in the music industry and my mom was left with childrearing duties. Yet, when you speak to my dad he talks about the importance of waiting until marriage for sex and how being young parents can cause so much dysfunction down the road.


In many people’s minds, they will shut down this man’s advice because he wasn’t there for his first born child. How could he ever give advice? However, that advice isn’t bad advice. It’s not from a bitter place neither. It is good advice on how to NOT be the father that he was. How to make better decisions with a future mate and how the impact could be substantial if done the "wrong" way. 


Single women can be a great authority on dating and relationships.  Here are 3 reasons why it’s stupid for people to think otherwise.

3 Reasons Why Single Women Can Give Great Relationship Advice

Being Single Doesn’t Mean She Has Never Dated

This is a HUGE misconception. Single women have dated, been married, been in relationships, etc. They have experience with men on many levels. The older she is, the more experience with men she’s probably had. (That came out weird, but you know what I’m saying.)

Yes, her relationships have ended but you don’t know the reason. People seem to think that single women are so awkward or crazy, or whatever poor description they have in their minds, that this is why she is currently single. Her current status is just a status people! She’s learned lessons just like anyone else an can share some jewels with the best of them.

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Some Single Women Actually Learned Some Amazing Lessons

When I was in high school I dated a wonderful guy named Lance. He was just a top of the line boyfriend who was more than what I deserved. However, I was still smitten over this senior football player who left my high school but would come back from time to time. Lance gave me amazing dates, was a super sweetheart, and incredibly thoughtful.  

The former senior just gave me conversations and penis. I was so dickmatized, that I ended up leaving Lance, because I still had feelings for the football player. Spoiler Alert: Football Player didn’t even want a relationship with me. UGH! I lost out on an awesome boyfriend at the age of 16 and since that day I have NEVER passed up a good guy who wanted something substantial with me and put in effort.

I use my personal lesson to show women that he may give you the vapors, but if he’s not putting in the work and he is just not the right one for you. Don’t overlook a good guy for a good lay.


Some Single Women Can See Things You Can’t

This isn’t strictly for single women, but mainly third parties who are not in a relationship. Sometimes when you are so in your feelings you cannot see what is happening in front of you. You try to be objective but sometimes you just can’t. That’s where your single friend can help you.

Sometimes it will be “Yeah girl, he shouldn’t be treating you like that. Perhaps you need to seek other options.” Or, at times it’ll be “You realize that’s a good man right? You better straighten up and fly right!”  I know a lot of people feel like single women just want to wreck homes, but have you thought that some of those people where salty because a single woman called them out on their bullshit?

Single Women Give Advice

I know there are bitter single women out there who likes miserable company. I get that, but you will know that woman. This is the woman who never thinks anything he does is a good idea. She cringes at anything romance related and she is known to start a sentence with “See, that’s why I am single because…” and  it ends with something about your man's actions.


I’m not talking about those. There are some great single women with great advice for all relationship statuses. Just be mindful of what she’s giving you and use your discernment to identify if she’s trying to help you, or harm you.