4 Fun Summer Dating Tips!

Phew! It is hot, and I love it! I hope my lovely single ladies aren’t all stuck in the house this summer making Netflix/Hulu their best friend. If so, girl, we gotta get it together! Grab your best sundress, those cute wedges and take yourself out!



While you are out there get ready for some eligible bachelors to come your way! I mean they can’t help it, you are walking around looking like a fierce queen and you need to own that ish! Now that you are jumping feet first in the dating pool, here are a few things to know to keep your dates fun and safe for the single woman.


Summer Dating Dos and Don’ts


  • Don’t meet someone you just met in a private place- Many of you are into online dating, which I think is cool! Unfortunately, it’s hard to read someone until you meet them in person. Sometimes they may offer to come to your place or invite you to theirs, but just say no! Meet them (and anyone new for that matter) in a public location until you finish vetting them and are comfortable. Do not let anyone rush you to do what you aren’t ready to do. If they say they can find someone else to do whatever, throw them the deuces and get right back on it!


  • Do try someplace new!- Some of my girls will go to the same bar every Friday and complain that there isn’t any one new there. That’s like going to McDonald’s all the time and getting mad because they don’t have tacos. If you keep going to the same place you are going to see the same things. Try some new bars on a different part of town, go to some sporting events, or even try some Groupon activities.


Don’t be afraid to say something-Picture this, you are at an outing and you see a fine young man ordering a drink. You know you want him to approach you, so you are in the corner giving him some straight “come jump these bones right now” look. He begins to walk your way. Your inner woman is just excited and jumping with joy...until he walks past you to the girl behind you.  I know what you are thinking. "If he wanted me he would have come to me." Not necessarily. You don’t know if he actually saw you, maybe her clothes were brighter and caught his attention. Maybe it’s a friend. The point is, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone who catches your attention. You never know what it may lead to.


  • Do give yourself time to decompress- The attention is great, but don’t be afraid to sometimes turn a date down if you need to just have time to yourself. That’s the benefit of being single! You have the opportunity to date when you have time for it. You don’t always have to have someone with you, sometimes it’s cool to just take a little time for self.


Take these tips and enjoy this summer ladies!


What summer dating tip do you have?