Orange Is The New Black: The Rundown

Okay, season 6 or Orange Is The New Black is here and I have finally finished the season. This season you see a lot of old favorites disappear and new faces introduced as the women try to adjust to their new lives at Lichtfield Max. OITNB focuses on the aftermath of the prison riots which leads to some big changes for our ladies. If you haven't watched this, go to Netflix and get your binge on!


Here’s some big things I wanted to discus and get feedback on, so FYI Spoiler alerts!

Photo by  Ye Jinghan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ye Jinghan on Unsplash


Half the girls left??!?

True enough we get to see many of our main characters (Tastey, Red, and Gloria), but some of our other regulars (like Brooke and Maritza) are noticeably absent. The storyline states that only the women in the abandoned pool were sent to Litchfield max while the others stayed behind. I guess change is good but it would have been nice to see how they are coping with the new changes. On the other hand I don’t see anyone within the group that was left behind, who was that interesting  or that strong of a character to really carry a decent story line. Do not fret! You will see some cameo appearances from the likes of Boo and Sophia, but definitely no Yoga Jones. 

Aleida has to feel like an Uber failure as a mom

Initially, I truly didn’t like Aleida because she was a poor excuse for a mom. She sacrificed her children’s innocence for the sake of having a man with money. However, my view has definitely changed a bit for this former inmate. She’s now trying to be the mother that she should have been initially but keeps running into major roadblocks that are unfortunately a part of many ex-convicts re-assimilation into society. For her it’s evictions, inability to find a job, and all her kids hate her. (Except for the younger one who was just cool on her mom.) She genuinely tries to turnover to a good life and even denies initially helping her daughter smuggle in contraband. Unfortunately, you can only take so much raining on your parade. But when she sees Daya hopped up on heroine in prison as a way to cope with the abuse and added time, you can see all of her failures come to a head. Your child could have gone in a completely different direction but she never had the chance. She decides to focus on getting her other children but to see Daya decline since the start of the series pulls on your heart muscle. Speaking of major changes.....

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Y’all remember Maria Ruiz from season 1?!?

She went from this quiet little girl to a top gun thug to a social outcast. Remember when she double crossed Gloria and let all those guards out? Talk about karma! It came right back and bit her in the ass! Now no one wants to fuck with her and it’s pretty sad. The change in Ruiz isn’t just evident to the viewer, Piper brings it up when she goes to speak with Maria at her religious group meeting.

When i first got here you were really pregnant and really nice.” -Piper

I don’t think that she should have stayed the same. In encountering the problems she has faced during her stay in prison, it’s expected. I mean prison will change anyone so to see this type of evolution is important to show the viewer that when you go to Prison, you may have some lightheartedness here and there, but it is NOT a cake walk. Everyone has slightly changed but I would say her change is one of the most extreme changes of the OITNB characters. 

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Photo by  Mitch Lensink  on  Unsplash

Black Cindy, mannn nooo

So I have two issues with Black Cindy. 1 is the most obvious one. She sold her friend out to save her skin. Granted yeah, the truth wouldn’t have helped her, but her homie is about to get the death penalty. I can’t help but think that there may be some touch of existentialism to her situation but if you don’t have loyalty in a hopeless situation, what do you have? I will give her props for trying to get the information out though. She did anonymously call Caputo, I won’t be a totally witch. 2. We are in season 6 and they just now know she has a child?!?! I would have thought that would have came out back when they initially covered her back story. I guess it was a way to have some card up their sleeves should the writers needed something. 

Adeola Chinedu is a scene stealer

 (Played by Sipiwe Moyo) Everytime she jumped on the screen I had to stop and watch. Plus she was funny but in an unexpected way. Her timing mixed with her delivery of her lines gave me a chuckle even during some dark themes. What a breath of fresh air and I want to see her in other things.

Those Dennings sisters ain’t nothing to mess with

Little sister killers Barbara and Carol are the HBICs in their respective cell blocks. OGs from way back, these sisters have some deep hatred for Frieda. They concoct a pretty good plan in attempt to take her out. These aren’t your normal grannies, they were cold blooded and very interesting to watch. It’s crazy to me that sisters were able to cause so much hatred in others based on their own personal issues. It’s like in high school when your friend didn’t like someone and you start not liking them just by default? Same premise but in a prison setting. 

So Frieda is a snitch now?

I liked Frieda! I thought she was pretty awesome. Her background story was excellent, she was resourceful and just cool as hell. Until she arrives in max when she completely bitches out in front of everyone.  She sold out Tastee AND her homie Red just so she could protect herself from prior issues that resulted in her....well selling someone else out. Now she’s scared to death of every corner and is rooming with Suzanne (crazy eyes) as a way to save her own skin. They have this artificial friendship (Suzanne is way more invested, while Frieda is doing it out of a survival need) that’s interesting to watch. It seems in this season you see unique, new pairings to add fresh life to the show. (Flava anyone?) 

There’s always a badder chick than you.

Remember when Red was top chick on charge? She iced out Chapman when she first arrived at Litcjfield and had all the girls on her side? Well my how the mighty has fallen and rose again to be Carol’s temporary #2. Even though they end up bonding over a mutual hatred of Frieda, Red struggles to get the backing she needs to take her once good friend out. With her old friends gone and her real family pulling away from her, can our strong Galina ever get back on top? (Side note, nice hair by the by)

What is wrong with their faces?!?

They all look like they have jaundice. ( with the exception of the darker skinned inmates) Is this supposed to be how they look without makeup? There is just this super yellow tint and i don’t like it. Is it just my screen tho?


And Finally,

Ya'll did my girl Tastee wrong!

Tastee is the positive inmate who only wanted justice for her fallen friend Poussey. Unfortunately, wack ass MCC needed a scapegoat and she was it. Many sold her out to save her their own hide including her closest friend. Not mention there is a cover up conspiracy that looks to hang everything on our heroine. You hope that her testimony moves the jury to see it from another side, but they do not. It is a reminder that OITNB may have fun, but this is still a system that is biased against those who are disadvantage. 


What did you guys hate? What Did you Love? Give me your OITNB thoughts below!