Time Can Heal All Wounds and Friendships: Just Ask Destiny's Child

Destiny’s Child is back…well, sort of….

In recent news, Beyonce's OTRII made a couple of stops that included some nostalgic guests. Former bandmates Letoya Luckett-Walker and Latavia Roberson visited and took pictures with Beyonce during her stops in Arlington and Houston, Texas.

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Latavia Roberson and Beyonce

It was beautiful to see these young ladies in the next step of life smiling and congratulating each other on their successes in life. The ladies were showcasing nothing but love on the 'gram.

Letoya Luckett-Walker

Many of us from the 99-00's era remember the great Destiny Child's member-kick-out. Members Luckett-Walker and Roberson filed a suit against management (who happened to be Matthew Knowles at the time), citing favoritism towards Knowles and Rowland, and improper administration of the group's wages. Management retaliated with replacing Roberson and Luckett-Walker with Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams, broadcasting the new lineup in the video "Say My Name." (Franklin would later drop out from the group for various reasons.)

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Destiny's Child 1
Destiny's Child 2

The young women went back and forth in the media. One side was blaming the other, with lawsuits flying around. The press began to take sides, with television shows such as SNL and Mad TV spoofing the lineup change and characterizing Beyonce as a 'Diva' who commanded the limelight.

Eventually, the ladies settled. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle continued to grow Destiny's Child into a super group, each branching off into successful individual careers. Latavia and Letoya attempted to form a music group together, but it ultimately fell apart. Letoya went on to have minor success with a solo career and launched a clothing boutique leading her to become a successful entrepreneur. Latavia starred in several stage plays and had success with a few reality television shows including R&B Divas. The ladies publicly stopped slandering each other, but the hurt feelings were still there.

Time Heals All Friendships

But, that was ages ago. Now, these women have matured and are all mothers. (Letoya announced her pregnancy with her first child in June 2018.) They've suffered hardships and heartaches. Passion and Pain. Redemption and forgiveness. No longer are the record companies pulling their strings to manipulate these women as they've done with many other music groups who started out as friends but ended as strangers. (New Edition anyone?)

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Some of us have lost out on some great friends due to our immaturity. We thought we were doing what was right, but instead, we were creating unnecessary chaos in our friend zones. How many of us reminisce on our former bestfriends that we've lost due to being petty? I challenge you to review the friendships that you lost due to past inexperience to see if it's worth reconnecting and resolving the conflict. These ladies have grown up to put the dark past behind them and celebrate their bright futures, can you?