New Abortion Laws Aren't About Giving Babies A Chance At Life

I've never had an abortion but I imagine that it is not a walk in a park of roses. I know it can have psychological and in some cases physical drawbacks. I wouldn't recommend abortions to anyone, but I also do not see the point in restricting others access to obtaining an abortion.

We have this weird fascination with telling people how they should live their lives in accordance with religious rules that have shown to be contradictory at times. What's worse is that the laws are being created based on religious principles, and not based off of the benefits or problems that it may cause with society. I truly thought we had a whole separation of church and state thing going on.

Abortion is highly debated because people can't agree on when life begins. Some believe that life begins at conception, while others contend that it happens when the heart starts to beat or even when the baby can survive outside the womb. The great Aristotle believed that life didn't happen until the soul was attached to the body and that wasn't for 30-40 days. Clearly, abortion isn't something he's against. Well...may be late term.

Legal Abortion Is Nothing New

The interesting thing is up until the 19th century, abortions weren't illegal. In fact, abortions have long been a part of society, tracing back to the first recorded abortion in 1550 BCE. In many cultures, there were various ways to induce a "miscarriage" (aka abortion) for a multitude of reasons. Most methods were non-surgical and relied on herbs, spices, or physical activities to terminate a pregnancy.

Some methods recommended punching a woman in her stomach or for a woman to ingest a concoction made of medicinal herbs. It is theorized that the Silphium plant went extinct due to its ability to work as a contraceptive as well as an abortifacient. In England, sometimes laxatives were used as a way to abort children by women who worked as prostitutes.

The Crowd Turns Against Abortion

Just like today, the attitudes regarding abortion varied. Prior to the spread of Christianity, abortions at times was seen as a necessary process. Whether a mother's life was in danger or the inability to support additional children, access to abortion methods were always available. Later people began taking more drastic approaches to have abortions utilizing sharp tools which would result in death or permanent sterilization of women.

The early 19th century brought on new opinions regarding abortions. Mainly due to the unsafe methods that resulted in high mortality rates among women. Many abortion practitioners weren't trained in the health field and caused greater harm than good.

The abortion practitioners were also cheaper than physicians in the medical field which drew additional criticism from the medical industry.(They want all your monies!)

In 1803, a bill was introduced to attached the death penalty to mothers who had late-term abortions or quickening. (When you can feel the baby moving around) But this proved difficult seeing as though the mother could just lie to officials about when she felt the child for the first time.

Lawmakers re-evaluated the bill to remove the death penalty component of the law, but still penalized women who sought abortions through fines and jail time. Those who were "moral orels" thought that single unwed mothers would rely mainly on this method and hoped to curb that thought process, but in reality, practitioners saw many married women who sought abortions.

It wasn't until the 1960s that the laws against abortion were ruled unconstitutional, yet in 2019 we are seeing abortions laws reverting back to the mid 1800s.

You May Not Want An Abortion, But She Does

I never understood people's need to infringe upon others lives. As long as you aren’t stopping me from living my life and excelling, why would I be concerned to lord over your life? I mean do you have to agree with abortions? Absolutely not! But don't stop others from living their lives. Don't stop other people from doing something that they feel is best for their situation. I think that children are a blessing, which is why I personally wouldn't want to bring them into fucked up situations.

However, we keep pushing "children are a blessing" and not everyone wants to have kids. I’m going to be super honest:Not everyone likes kids. (I mean, have you been to Chuck E. Cheese off of Hamilton Rd. in Columbus, Ohio? That place makes me really not like kids and I love me some kids! Not in an R.Kelly way. You know let’s just keep it moving. ) They take a lot of energy, time, and patience. For some, they just don’t have that in them.

We also feel that when people get pregnant they should be forced to "deal" with their mistake. We feel that they have made their bed and they have to lie it. Here's the thing, kids aren't like a pair of too small shoes where you have lost the receipt. Or a pizza that was delivered and it's too cold but you're like "meh" and you eat it anyway. These are real live humans who breathe air, have feelings, and can form their own opinions/ideas. You are in charge of molding them for 18 years which is a long time. That child can go from a blessing to a burden real quick and that parent can go from a regular person to a crappy person just as fast.

I had a friend who in her young adult years had an abortion. I used to think to myself, why not have it? She was mature enough. She wasn’t a teenager. She should just have the baby. But she wasn't married and that was important to her. The guy she was pregnant by wasn't a good guy to have a child with, he was just a loose screw.

She wasn't employed and was going through a very tough time mentally and emotionally. She ended up terminating the pregnancy. 10 years later, she's very successful and well rounded. She never became pregnant again and based on life experiences realized that having kids just wasn't for her. She plans on getting her tubes tied indefinitely but in the meanwhile is praying that her contraceptive doesn't fail.

Although I would have had the child, I don't think she's a bad person or even selfish. In fact, I think it's very mature to realize that parenthood isn't for you before it's too late. Just because I do not want an abortion, I wouldn't cut off another's woman right to having one. I understand that there are TONS of contraceptives available. In fact, because of our better approach to sex, teen pregnancy and abortions have gone down in the past 10 years. (I'd call that success)

People had abortions in the past for many of the same reasons they are having abortions today- They cannot afford to raise children in today’s climate. The average costs associated with raising just one child is over $200,000. This is in addition to the daily cost of living expenses that tend to increase by leaps and bounds over time, but yet, salaries seem only to increase by pennies. Being able to give a child a quality life is important to so many people which is why they seek an abortion. To force people to have children seems more irresponsible than allowing them safe options to terminate the pregnancy.

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Why We Shouldn't Force Women To Be Baby Factories

When we force unequipped parents to have children that they do not want (or need), that child is no longer a blessing, it's a burden. That parent is now in survival mode. They are trying to figure out how to survive and feed their child which can lead to faulty decisions such as leaving your child in dangerous places or with dangerous people.

What's worse is that when these parents are in survival mode and are trying to do better by their child their options are limited and ridiculed by those who hate abortions but do not want to help support the children once they are here.

Remember Tonya McDowell? She was jailed for 15 days for falsifying her place of residence so that her child could go to a better school and have better opportunities in life. What about Shanesha Taylor? She left her children in the car so that she could go to an interview. She wanted to make more money to provide for a better life but had no one to watch her children in the interim and was jailed because of her decision. What about the mother who relied on the kind gentleman to help with her daughter as she was down on her luck, but in actuality the man was plotting with his friend on molesting her daughter.

I'm not saying that these women should have had abortions, but I am saying that these laws aren't about protecting children, nor giving them a "shot at life".

These Abortion Laws Aren't About Protecting Babies

Pro-lifers or pro-birthers to be exact will say "everyone deserves a chance at life. All babies deserve a chance to live."

But what about the children already on Earth who are dying at young ages from abuse, neglect, and sexual assault? Remember Caylee Anthony? Too long ago? How about Janiyah Brooks who died from sexual and physical assault by her stepfather and mother? That's a pretty recent story. This was the beautiful chance at life that we wanted to give these babies?

The majority of children may never suffer from sexual or physical assault, but one child suffering is way too much for me. My love of life does not override someone else's decision that they cannot take care of children.

What about adoption you say? I hear this from many people. Adoption is TOTALLY the answer, right? It would be if there wasn't on average over 400,000 children in the system right now who are having the damnedest time getting adopted. Why are there so many children in the system? Because people don't want to adopt older children.

Contrary to popular belief, most children who enter into foster care are between the ages of 8-9 years old. Some people don't want to deal with the problems of older children. They do not get to rename the child or have the cute baby clothes that natural parents get to have. They have to deal with parents who are trying to get themselves together or children who hate them because they are someone different. Dealing with a child who may have major behavioral issues due to their previous housing situation can be a deterrent to those who don't want those types of problems. Or what's even worse, they move from one toxic location to be placed into another situation that is the same or worse.

So What's The True Intent Behind These Strict Abortion Laws

When I see the strict types of laws that states such as Ohio, Mississippi, and Georgia are enacting, I can't imagine they are truly for the benefit of children. If they were, why would they sentence a mother to jail? Some women have children already and can't afford more, so she needs an abortion. She now goes to jail and her children have no mother. They are then placed into the system in the interim and faced with all kinds of God knows what types of issues. What was at first a personal issue, is now an issue that is affected by all in the family.

What about fixing adoption and the foster care so that adoption fees are lower and children have better lives? Maybe improve social services so that when Maleah Davis needed social services the first time, they could have given her more time to investigate what was happening in her home? Maybe increase social services pay and hire more so that they aren't too busy to check on children who need them. Maybe stop telling mothers on welfare that they can't buy certain foods because they are poor and they have "too many kids".

I'm sorry people, regardless of what you feel about abortion, please understand that these stricter laws are not in the interest of children. Because rich people and politicians who get their mistress pregnant will always have access to safe abortions. The question is, why shouldn’t you?

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