White Teeth Ready In A Flash!

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This weekend past weekend was crazy because I had so much planned! I had a couple of photobooth events for my small business, Look At Me Now Photobooths. I had to go and to bartend for an event and at the bar. I also was preparing for my trip to Cincinnati for the Midwest Sweet and Natural fest. I knew that I would be on camera speaking with people and all I could think about was the whiteness of my teeth!

I think I have pretty nice teeth, but I do like to sometimes enhance my brightness for that fresh, bright look. Like I've been chewing on mint leaves and fluoride all day.

You know I love to treat my teeth nicely, so I didn't want to use cheap harmful tooth whitening kits from the dollar store. I waited until the last minute and didn't have enough for the quality kinds. Annnd because I was late planning for the trip, I didn't budget for an impromptu professional teeth whitening session.

Halo White Smile

Halo White Smile

Miss Champagne B

As I was packing for my trip to Cincinnati, I smacked myself in the head because I forgot about my secret weapon, Halo Smile. Armed with a little time and some good solid strokes, I could have an instant glow up! I threw it in my bag and hit the road.

So just a little about Halo Smile, I am a fan! It is the first teeth whitening cosmetic 100% free of peroxide and . other harsh chemicals. It is cruelty-free and vegan friendly and it doesn’t damage your enamel. It is definitely a must try product for your pearly whites!

As I got dressed, I took less than 15 minutes to apply the solution to my teeth and then I was ready to for smile town thanks to Halo Smile.

Having this in your glow up kit is a must! You've got to try this Halo Smile for yourself, don't just take my word for it. Use my code SINGLEGAL10 and save 10% off your kit today!