Keanu Reeves Plays The New Boo We Hope To Stunt With

You and your boyfriend break up, and suddenly, life is utterly shitty. You finally pull yourself together after months and months of laying in a puddle of your despair only to run into him and his hot new girlfriend in public. At the one place you didn’t want to see his ass, in your ultra comfy pants.

Who happens to be killing it right now. Unfortunately, you haven't bounced back yet, and the guys you keep meeting are well...not the type of guys who will make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

Let's face it; sometimes you want to show that shitty ex-boyfriend what a fantastic treasure they missed out on by bringing in an Uber upgrade.

Enters the amazing Keanu Reeves.

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In "Always be my maybe" starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, Keanu has a hilariously funny cameo as Wong's new boo piece. Wong's character, Sasha Tran is looking to get right back out into the world of dating and ends up snagging this Speed-tastic actor at a local event. #winning

When the audience first meets him, he enters the scene in nothing but pure amazingness. So much, so that Park's character Marcus Kim and his on-screen girlfriend are in awe of the essence that is Keanu Reeves. This is the bounce back I had hoped to attain after a few of my breakups.

Talk about an upgrade!

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Watch Keanu's smooth entrance on "Always be my maybe".

Check out the official trailer here!

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