Things To Do When You Are Single

Are you single and looking for things to do? I have a few tips that may help you on our journey to happiness!

I have a lot of people who tell me they hate being single. They are at home bored and not sure what to do with their time. There is this magical thought that as soon as they get a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or whomever, there will be these crazy ass everyday adventures.

And believe me you, I agree!

Being Single Doesn't Have To Suck

Stop Hating Being Single and Embrace It!

I hope you find a partner with whom you can travel the world. But in the meantime, who knows when that will happen? Not to take the wind out of your sails, but you never know when the one who is for you will come along and take you away from this "Hell" known as being single.

They could come tomorrow, or they could come ten years from now. All I know is life is too short to wait to have fun.

It is easy to find things to do when you are single; the problem is people feel uncomfortable doing things alone. They may not be okay with being by themselves. They may be scared of doing things by themselves, or they may feel like they'll get ridiculed for doing things that usually involves several people.

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I have to admit; when I was younger, I did clown people who went to places by themselves. I thought, "Now you look like a weirdo." What I didn't realize was that they weren't weird; they didn't want to wait to enjoy things.

Just think, have you tried to plan a trip with friends? In January, everyone is gung ho, and by the time the trip comes in June, it's down to 3 people, and they cancel because not enough are going.

The great thing is just because you do these things when you are single and "lonely," it does not mean that you can't do these things with your significant other in the future. Now you can show them the cool things you did when you were single.

Things To Do When You Are Single


Before you tell me no, hear me out. Traveling by yourself can be fun! You get to do whatever you want to do at whatever time you want to do it. Remember traveling with those people who want to plan every minute of the day? Not when you are traveling solo! You can also save tons of money traveling solo. Using sites such as Hotwire, and other discount sites can get you moving for as low as $350! All you have to do is know how to package your trips correctly, and you can see some fantastic things for low prices!

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Get Healthy and Fit!

If you aren't happy with the way you look or feel you could tighten up your nutrition, start tackling your health. Learn what your body can consume to work efficiently or discover new exciting workouts. I got into pole dancing real heavy and even participated in a recital! I was nervous, but it was a unique experience that was fun and helped me to get fit in a fun way.

Take Cooking Classes

Now some of ya'll are serving PB&J sandwiches with a mint garnishment and calling that a 'meal.' That's a snack baby! One way to help you snag that future boo is to hone your cooking talents!

My mom told me that I should learn to cook because I don't want some random chick to take my man with a fine fried chicken leg. Although she was facetious, I felt that being a good cook gave one a better edge as a potential partner, be it, man or woman. Just imagine inviting that super fine ass man to your crib for a homemade knee knocking, thigh-slapping meal. He is going to love it versus buying him some chips and Chinese food. He'll still smash you, but you may be out the running for the permanent boo. But it doesn't even have to be about a man! It could be just something new for you to improve your skills and enjoy for yourself or the company of others.

Get A Hobby

Are hobbies dead or what? I love hobbies! I have many of them! Sometimes I wish I could get paid to do my hobbies because they are so fun. The great thing is that hobbies can be anything that tickles your fancy. You could build miniature houses, collect stamps, elephants, or even take up photography. As you get good at your hobbies, you can later turn that skill into something that could bring you money on the side.

Start a Small Business

I had so much time on my hand that I couldn't find things to do when I was single and feeling lonely. I dated and dated and put so much attention into finding a man, that all my dates flopped. I was so focused on trying to get married that I put too much pressure on myself and didn't just have fun dating. What I should have done was to start my business earlier. Starting your business takes a lot of time and effort to grow it and make it successful. You may not even have time for a relationship in the beginning. I will also say that since I stopped looking so hard for a relationship and focused on building my brands, I have had guys throw themselves at me in some of the craziest of ways. I guess that age-old saying of "it'll happen when you're not looking" is correct.

Take a few of these ideas and live your best single life! Finding things to do if you are single isn't the hard part. Getting the balls to get up and do it alone is the true test!

What do you think are some fun things to do when you are single?

Things To Do When You Are Single And Alone