Ashanti's SwimSuit Collection Will Have You Breaking Hearts All Summer '19

Get ready Chinese counterfeiters, these styles are hot!

When we talk about hard workers, I think you have to add Ashanti into the mix. She may not oversaturate your radios and Youtube channels but she has a body and work ethic that won’t quit.

Ashanti released a hot tropical video for a song called “Pretty Little Things” on her Instagram page. It features her and other voluptuous ladies wearing sexy swimwear as she sings the title in the background.

From the post notification, she tells you to click the link in her bio. I’m thinking it’s for the full video, but noooooo, she has a whole swimsuit collection. Bright colors, jungle prints, and super sexy cuts are the staple of this collection with Ashanti being the main model in her photos. (However, there is a juicy thighed sista who is holding her own with the talented toned beauty)

Ashanti Swimwear Collection

Check out her mini vid promoting her “urban jungle” swimsuit line.

Want to see more suits for your summer trips? Check out the full website here.