What To Watch On Netflix

Netflix has some bangers! And I'm here to give you some good ideas for your binge time this weekend! Check out these titles and get back to me on what you think!

Orange Is the New Black (Final Season)

The ladies of Litchfield went through some significant changes over the past six years. From Piper becoming a suburban queen pin to Red suffering serious assault from a corrupt guard, OITNB is finally coming to a close. Watch the last season as we wrap up the stories of our favorite inmatse who learn about love, life, and prison antics.



Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett, and Patrica Arquette star in this cute movie about mothers coping with life as empty nesters. What started as a fun road trip to visit their children turns into life lessons that they thought they were too old to learn and trust me, you’re never too old to find out new things about yourself! This movie may be a bit predictable but it’s remarkably warming and relatable.


Always Be My Maybe

Ali Wong and Randall Park star in this romantic comedy about two childhood friends/crushes who take different paths in life and wind up back together. As one person lives a life of a celebrity chef, and the other works in a small family business in their hometown, can they make their love and different lifestyles work?

Sidenote: Keanu Reeves makes a hilarious cameo involving Randall Park later showing his fire rapping skills.