4 Reasons Why Putting Your Business On Social Media Is Not The Thing To Do

I’m sure you all have seen the video floating around of KeKe Wyatt and her heartbreaking admission that her husband wants a divorce.  It’s even worse that this is happening during her 8th(9th) pregnancy and while she cares for an ill child.  Now, if you have followed KeKe and her career you can see that she’s a bit….much.  (I’m just trying to be objective here.) She can be a bit emotional and she was uber attached to her husband. She was so scared of him cheating he couldn’t go anywhere without her. (I’m not about this life). So the divorce isn’t something completely shocking.  What is shocking is just the circumstances of the conversations and the fact that there are 8 lives caught up in the mix. 


But this isn’t what this post is about.  At the end of the day, that is their life and their decision is their decision. However, putting it on social media allows other unnecessary thoughts and opinions infiltrate your life.  As you may know, I’m a social media junky! I post a lot of things, such as my triumphs and at times my failures.  However, I never have and never will post problems with my man on social media. Some people will call that being fake but people only want to learn about your failures to gloat, not to support.  It’s like watching Love and Hip Hop.  There is nothing that is really informational from LAHH. You aren’t really learning valid life lessons from this show, let’s keep it funky. (Oh, maybe, don’t sleep with a lot of men who have girlfriends, schit can get real.) Other than that entertaining piece of knowledge, you really only watch the show because people want to gossip and they like to see that those who seem to be doing better are actually messier than they are. I try to stay positive in what I show and even the failures that I encounter for the sake of inspiring others.  I’ve learned that when you put out the negative portion of relationships, arguments, and disputes, that the end results don’t always go the way you want it to go. Here are a few reasons why putting your business on social media is not the thing to do.

Keke Wyatt


  1. Misery Loves Company- I learned this phrase when I was younger (thanks, mom!) and as I grew understood what it meant. People who are in crappy positions love when others are in crappier positions. These people aren’t your friends. Their goal is to poke fun at you and say things to make your situations even worse. Be it trolling or adding their unnecessary two cents to share with others. I will say many will go and try to be positive but in this age of social media, some people are more focused on tearing down someone instead of building them up.

  2. People Never Forget- Keke and her husband may wake up tomorrow and decide to work it all out. Now it’s too late. She’ll want to move forward and get on with her life, but everyone who saw it will still bring it up more often than she will. It’ll be 10 years later and people will still say “so you and your man still getting a divorce?” Messy a** people will say this at the most inconvenient times, like at your mother’s funeral. You know, rude schit like that.

  3. Allows demons to enter through the crack- Yes Demons! Who/what I mean are these chicks/fella out here who are waiting to push your marriage or relationship to the end. They see those troubles that you post on social media and then they slide up in your inbox telling you how they would treat you right and that your s/o is crazy and that you need to come to a real man/woman, and blah, blah, blah. Then once you end something that you worked so hard to maintain, you realize the grass is not greener on this side. It’s really all brown but someone just spray-painted the ground green giving the illusion that it’s luscious. Don’t fall for it, sis!

  4. People believe they have access to your personal life-When you post online, everyone feels like they have access to you. They feel like they have the ability to chime in and tell you what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it. They give you a lot of unwanted advice and if they are close to you may feel like they can share personal information because you shared that information. Later on, people will start inquiring why you didn't share this, or why you didn't share that. You'll start getting irritated, all because of that one time you were in your emotions and posted your problems on facebook.


How do you feel about posting your problems on Facebook?