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The Midwest Regional Sweet And NaturalFest

The Sweet and Natural fest Put together by founder Daphney Thomas who has a background in Community Engagement, Program Coordination, and PR consulting for small businesses. This festival was created with the intent to promote "economic mobility, collectivity, and admiration for ethnic beauty in a family friendly and very vibrant atmosphere" says Thomas.  Tiffany Ware was also very pivotal to helping pull off an amazing event!  Ware who is the creative director for The Brown Girls Project which was "developed to celebrate, uplift, encourage and inspire a specific segment of black women and girls who are normally invisible or even dismissed by mainstream media and oftentimes our own community." Look out for this duo's amazing feats in the future!

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The Effects Of Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence Doesn't Have A Time Limit

Flash forward 50 years later and women are now able to come forward when they have been assaulted and for the most part, have their abusers addressed. Unfortunately, so many of our mothers and grandmothers didn't have that chance to share their stories. And for some, this is now their time to be heard. 

People complain why did they wait so long, when the question should really be why did we wait so long to care? No matter when the pain happened, it never goes away. I hate that people say "you should have kept it to yourself", which is saying the victims should continue to be silent.

Can you imagine telling someone who lost their child to murder and share their stories later, why are you still talking about it? Why are you now choosing to say something about it?

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Why The Phrase "I Don't Have Any Female Friends" Is Toxic To Women

I know what you are thinking. My situation is one of few. That for some reason God has chosen to bless me and only me with amazing female friends. Though I enjoy thinking that I'm God's main follower and he focuses solely on me, I know that this is incorrect.  There are many women empowerment groups that are springing all over the country.  They may be small in numbers but groups like Femergy and Women Of Sovereignty not only provide services to women in the community but also helps to empower and encourage ladies all over to be a part of something greater

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Beyonce and Jay-Z is doing another 'On the Run' Tour!?!? Sike! *Updated Info

As a card carrying member of the Beyhive, I stay on ready to go see Queen Bey in concert. Until, I went searching for the concert dates and they were nowhere to be found. The concert was announced and then removed from the ticketing sites and the artists' sites. There have been no comments made to address the magically disappearing tour, nor were there any hints of an upcoming tour.  This tends to be normal in the marketing life of Beyonce.

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Four Way to Have a Merry Single Christmas

Use old magazines and clip out the pictures of what you want and paste them on paper or poster board.  For example, if my goal is to be a homeowner for next year, then I would find pictures of houses that I like, cut them from the magazine and paste them on my poster board.  I would do this for everything that I hope to obtain in 2018.  It’s like an art class project which is fun for adults.  The great thing about vision boards is that you will hang them up in a place where you will see it often and mentally keep yourself on track to achieve your goals. I like to do this yearly and I think it’s pretty cool! Click here for more on vision board ideas and examples to start your party.

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Holiday Robberies: How a Single Gal Stays Safe

In another instance, one person is a normal passerby who approaches your door unarmed posing as an innocent bystander while the other armed assailants are hiding out of sight waiting to pounce. As you see, people are becoming more clever in their tactics and unfortunately can cost us not only our holiday cheer but our lives. It is imperative that we take additional steps to secure our home safety and to ensure that this holiday season remains joyous and fun! In this post I will give you 5 ways to help add safety around the home and give you some piece of mind.

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Managing Your Emotions is Crucial in Growth

Too often we make big decisions off of our current emotions.  We jump to conclusions and it can cost us some big things. Relationships, friendships, jobs.  I remember my mother told me about a girl who was her ace, but they stopped talking suddenly.  Later she found out that during the conversation she had with my mother, the lady was offended because my mom laughed at something that maybe she shouldn’t have laughed at.  Instead of reaching out and saying, “Hey, it hurt my feelings when…” she instead just stop talking to her.  That’s it.

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New Series: 13 Ways to Support and Uplift Our Young Women

I have to admit it was so hard to see a young woman go through so much that I cried understanding how growing up for a young woman can be a confusing and critical time in regards to establishing our self esteem. I was going to do a series on financial planning but have decided to make a 7 part series on what we can do to help support, uplift, and encourage our young women.

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