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White Teeth Ready In A Flash!

I think I have pretty nice teeth, but I do like to sometimes enhance my brightness for that fresh, bright look. Like I've been chewing on mint leaves and fluoride all day.

You know I love to treat my teeth nicely, so I didn't want to use cheap harmful tooth whitening kits from the dollar store. I waited until the last minute and didn't have enough for the quality kinds. Annnd because I was late planning for the trip, I didn't budget for an impromptu professional teeth whitening session.

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Orange Is The New Black: The Rundown

Okay, season 6 or Orange Is The New Black is here and I have finally finished the season. This season you see a lot of old favorites disappear and new faces introduced as the women try to adjust to their new lives at Lichtfield Max. OITNB focuses on the aftermath of the prison riots which leads to some big changes for our ladies. If you haven't watched this, go to Netflix and get your binge on!

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