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Things To Do When You Are Single

Just think, have you tried to plan a trip with friends? In January, everyone is gung ho, and by the time the trip comes in June, it's down to 3 people, and they cancel because not enough are going.

The great thing is just because you do these things when you are single and "lonely," it does not mean that you can't do these things with your significant other in the future. Now you can show them the cool things you did when you were single.

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I Spent Too Much Time Hating Being Single

In actuality my standards weren’t even high.  They were a low-medium at best.  At first it was just that you needed a pulse. Then I upgraded to you need a pulse and your own car.  Finally, I got to pulse, own car/crib, job that supports you and you alone(and your kids if you have them), a good person, and someone I could mentally connect with.  I set up little rules like “I’m not going to do this until I get a man” and other things that I put out into the universe hoping to cheat destiny by pretending that I didn’t want a man, but in actuality I did. I was putting so much stress on myself and listening to others so much that I was unhappy.

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