Christmas Magic: The Greatest Christmas Songs You Should Know


I have a second job in order to help me move closer to my future financial goals.  At said job, I work with 18-21 year olds, with whom I am out of touch with.  Let me set the atmosphere.  It’s holiday season, and tons of customers are visiting our store.  We are slammed but I still maintain my sunny disposition which I am known for (yep I tooted my own horn). One of my Christmas jams come on and I am busting it wide open behind the cash wrap.  Well..not wide open. Like medium open, but that's semantic.  My coworker glances over at me and says she’s never heard of this holiday song.  "Whaa???" Me and the customer hit her with a blank stare.  You’ve never heard, Santa Claus is coming to town by the Jackson 5?  Really?  I’m not going to say her parents did her a Christmas music disservice by not sharing the top timeless Christmas songs but, the word failure does come to mind.  (Sorry, I am a Christmas music fanatic!!!)  So, in the spirit of Christmas I will name 7 songs that should be in anyone’s Christmas rotation, at least once regardless of race, gender, or culture.  (I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!)  

7. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas- Originally sung by Judy Garland and covered by many others , this songs tells us what Christmas is about.  Memories, Friends, and making some yuletide gay.(???) I recommend the version sung by Frank Sinatra because he is just so freaking smooth with it.


6. O Holy Night- Written in the late 1800s this song has been passed down and sung by everyone in existence.  There are several different versions but the most popular version was written by John Sullivan Dwight.  This song speaks of the glory of the birth of Jesus Christ. Of all the people who have sung this, I love Mariah Carey’s version. When she hits that high note, my body just shuts down and goes night night.



5. Santa Baby-Written by a woman and sang by another woman who embodied sultriness, Ms. Eartha Kitt, this playful song tells of a woman’s expensive wish list to Santa.  This is the “oh he’s about to totally be turned on by me singing this song” that is sung drunkenly at office Christmas parties around the world.  Honestly, her version is my favorite.

6. This Christmas- Covered by various artists from Diana Ross to Mary J. Blige, this is the black Christmas anthem that you can’t help but sing and tap your fingers to.  Sung by the late Donny Hathaway which is also my favorite version, this song will have your family dancing around the tree in harmony.

5.It’s the most wonderful time of the year-Whenever I think of this song, I think of the dad in the Target  commercial and he’s pushing his cart around singing and dancing because it’s back to school time for his kids. Great use of the song, but it originally  was for the Christmas season. Popularized by Andy Williams this song has steady been in rotation throughout the years.  My favorite is by Harry Connick Jr. his jazzy take on this old classic allows me to drink hot coca and wrap the same d*mn time.


4.Last Christmas-Wham!,  a group that helped launched George Michael’s career, released this original Christmas gem. A lover who was jilted the year before during this joyous holiday, is faced with their past and makes a conscience effort to find someone new to give their heart to. Although I love the original version, I think Glee makes a great version of the song.

3. Santa Claus is coming to town-Sung in the 1930s, this song has been around forever!!!! But what brings this song to life, is the Jackson 5's take on it which begs you to get out of your seat and act right for this jolly fat guy who is coming to your town.


2.Baby it’s cold outside- This song was originally sung by a husband and wife duo in the 1940s, which probably explains the rape-ish/quite aggressive lyrics in the song.  I recommend listening to Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s version so that you can receive the song in a safe environment.




1. All I want for Christmas is you- I applaud artists who can create an original Christmas song, and have it last for years and years.  This is what Mrs. Mariah Carey’s song has done, not to mention it has been remade by many artists in the last 19 years that this song as been out. This is a true song that embodies the Christmas spirit. In this song, the singer doesn’t want presents, Santa, reindeer or anything else that comes with the Christmas territory, just the love of their life.




These are songs that I think could/should be in anyone’s playlist, and in no particular order.  What are your favorites???