Confronting Truths: Running from the truth doesn’t make your life real


We often know the truths but are scare of what they may mean.  Instead of confronting truths, we run away to find something more pleasant.  The Imitation of Life is one of my top movies, barely beats out Color Purple.  I cry at the end every time.  The cinematography of this movie is amazing. The way the camera plays with the angles, shadows, and foreshadowing of future events are timeless.  At times I feel like classic movies are better than today’s dramas.  They still pushed boundaries, but yet remained conservative.  

The movie focuses on several different stories lines, which I believe is very genius.  I mainly follow two story lines in the movie: 1.The evolving friendship between the lead characters Lora, a white aspiring actress, and Annie her black friend/housekeeper that she took in when she didn’t have a home. 2. Annie’s daughter, Sarah Jane, and her ongoing struggles with being genetically black, but visually white.  If you haven’t seen this movie, I implore you to check it out because it is still good in the 2000s though it was made in the 50s.


Sarah Jane went through so much to find acceptance.  During a time when black people were viewed as second class citizens, she had no desire to live that “lowly life”.  No matter what she did or where she went, her black mother and the constant reminder of her heritage followed closely behind her.  There is this tear-jerker part where her mother goes to visit her one last time. They embrace but quickly disconnect before a knock on the door from Sarah Jane's girlfriend.  Her friend walks in and sees Sarah Jane’s mother leave and says “so you had a mammy?” Sarah Jane then responds “all my life”.   It wasn’t until her mother died that she realizes what her mother had tried to do for her.  She finally realized that her lies and avoidance of the truth did not make that truth any less accurate but unfortunately it was too late because the one who accepted her truth the most was no longer here.


Confronting Truths

Some of us are guilty of that. We live these lives that aren’t really our own, but we want them to be.  We buy these expensive items; drown ourselves in sex, drugs, and whatever vices we have at our disposal.  Instead of facing our truths, we project our anger onto others. Some of us have been hurt and we can’t get past that point, so we make it harder for people to love us.  If those people love us in spite of those walls we put up, we try to push them away, because we can’t understand if we don’t love us, how can they love us?  When we don’t recognize these truths, we don’t truly live our real life.  We are but a shell of our existence, and not aware of what we could potentially do. Maybe sometimes we feel that we are not deserving of that love.  But we all deserve to be loved.   We just have to allow people to love us.  We have to allow people to come in and help us heal, because you can’t do it alone.  It’s not possible, and frankly I do not believe we were meant to do it alone. Life can be tough and brutal as in Sarah Jane’s case, but you do not have to go through it alone, if you do not want to. When you have to deal with these life altering truths, the best thing to do is not to stop living.  Once we stop living, we truly die. Face your truths!  Work through them before it’s too late.