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Corporate to Self Employment:New job, check!

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Corporate to Self Employment:New job, check!

Miss Champagne B.


Corporate to Self Employment:New job, check!

So after a million years finally got a new job! I know you are thinking, I thought we were getting away from corporate. We are!! I just need a position where I have more room to breathe, while maintaining my income. Still in banking but at least it has less moving parts. My current job was so overbearing that I was just too stressed to do anything else. I was hating work even more and just not able to focus on my outside activities like I wanted to. Here's the kicker they have you move around and do lateral moves but won't pay you anything more even if you have a degree and the skills! All the more reason why I'm working to get out. In the meanwhile, I'll take the new job because I have a plan!  On the flip side, I was able to create my first private label item!! So excited to market it and put it in my store! I'm working on getting the marketing out there and get people excited about it! I have a few sale events coming up so I'm praying to our lord that all will go smoothly!! It goes on sale officially in the 30th and is located on, eBay, Amazon, and Poshmark! I thought it was a cute way to carry your wine and inexpensive at a price of $15! Let me know what you guys think as I will release different colors and styles later!