Corporate to Self Employment: How Can I Improve Sales?


How Can I Improve Sales?

So since my initial sale, I haven’t received any new sales! I know I have good products but just not sure what I need to do to get the sales going! Finally, I have the answer that I was looking for; my website sucks!  I do agree that it wasn’t as clean and professional as I liked, but I couldn’t explain what was missing.  I am a part of the Facebook group called “Delightfully Designing a Brand”, and the moderator Kimberly, helped me out a ton!  I placed the link to my store in her group and just asked for some feedback. By asking for feedback on my site, I figure I could find additional opportunities to improve sales.  

To tell you the truth I didn’t completely realize what her niche was, but I knew it was about branding. The hard thing about starting a business is that if you don’t have people who have already been in your situation or understand the nature of your business, it’s hard to get the specific criticism that is necessary to do valuable improvements.  You will get things from your family such as “list more stuff” or “get better pictures”, which is great! However, you need someone to say things like “your pages are too cluttered; separate your products into groups for easier search.”  So I posted my little ol’ link in the group and waited for some general feedback. However, when I received the notification that someone responded to my message and went back to the post, I didn’t image the thorough and amazing response I received. She wrote paragraphs and girl, she read me completely!  She tore apart the aesthetics of the site and that’s when I knew this was what I was looking for! Consultants who understand the business and who have been there are crucial to helping you grow when you are stuck. They understand the clientele and although they may not understand the intricacies of your niche, they understand what marketing and what brings traffic to your site.  You can’t do everything on your own and although you may want to work for yourself, you still need people to teach you how to grow or else you will be hemorrhaging money and looking for ways to improve sales!  If you are looking for a branding consulting please check out Kimberly Costa at She’s an amazing person and knows her stuff!