In Honor of Women's History Month...

In honor of Women's History Month I'm doing  a series that will highlight some kick ass women called "Women you wanna know". Some of the women you may know while some you may not. This is an ode to their accomplishments, their pain, and their legacies. These are women who made a way for so many other young women to excel and to be great. In Honor of Women's History Month, who am I highlighting? 

3/17-She changed a public shame into a professional triump. From modeling, to music, to acting, Vanessa Williams is a true example of what it means to maneuver obstacles. 3/24-Her career may have been short, but the beautiful and talented legacy of Selena continues to live on.

3/31-With her colorful phrase "AZUCAR!", Celia Cruz's infectious songs and beautiful smile lifted the spirit of millions. 4/5-Known as the First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald's uncanny ability to make rhytmic mouth magic known as "Scat", revolutionized the way we listen to jazz music today. Tune in to learn new facts or just reacquaint yourselves with these life changers! Join my email list to be notified when each post is released!

See ya soon!!!