Insider Perspective: The Power of Female Sexuality


As a younger woman, I would see these other chicks messing with guys who would pay their bills, give them money and basically fund their lifestyles.  I did kind of turn up my noses at these women because these were the same chicks that wouldn’t mess with these same guys if they didn’t have the money.  Some probably look at it as hating, because I couldn’t get a man to do that for me.  (Shrugs)   Regardless of how you viewed it, these women were getting cashed out. Some men will stand here today and swear up and down they ain’t paying for no chicks to do nothing. They aren’t ‘simps’, but if a woman is cold/bad enough, and her s*x game is good enough, he’s willing to pay for whatever she wants.  Can you truly be mad at this woman, for using what she has to play the game?  She probably has been hurt before and feels since she’s going to give it up, she mind as well give it up for money.  Keeping it 100, I understand how she feels.  Supply and demand the P*ssy and he shall come.(see what I did there?)  With this knowledge of how valuable it is, and what it can do, it baffles me as women that we continue to give it out so loosely in the name of her s*xuality.  

Not saying that you should be a prude and never explore but some of these guys we are giving it to aren’t even worth the price of a used c*ndom (which some of ya’ll ain’t using anyway).  As women we truly have the power to delegate who gets our goodies.  We truly have the power to set the tone of how men approach and treat us.  It isn’t the late 1800s or early 1900s where it’s just being taken from us with no fear of consequences.  I see our women having kids by men who didn’t deserve the goodies in the first place and then later cry that he wasn’t crap.  At what point wasn’t he crap? I will tell you not all men are these super brainiac guys who are constructing elaborate schemes of p*ssy domination to get in the box like the villainous Dr.Doom. A lot of these guys getting laid are using basic game, actions and activities.  We saw his faults, we heard the lies, and instead of running, we thought he had potential to become better.  When he never became better we became mad and bitter, then he isn’t sh*t.  The way men are treating women these days boils down to one thing: s*x. The abundance of it, the desire for it, and the lack of work he has to do to get it.  Because some of us are so enthusiastic to give it up so willingly, you are making it harder for the women who set standards and boundaries because that man wants an easy lay.

Why work for the p*ssy from Dana, who wants dinner, time and movies, when he can go to Lissette, who will just take a cheeseburger and a compliment.  As women we don’t realize the power that our p*ssy truly has.  I remember my mother told me that a man will run across traffic to get into your drawers.  She was right.  She wasn’t telling me that so that I can manipulate men or exploit them, but so that I can understand how valuable my p*ssy was worth.  It’s like an unwashable mirror.  It’s shiny, reflective of life and beautiful.  Each time a hand print is laid on our mirror it becomes less beautiful, less clean, and even cheap. Now we have this cloudy mirror that wasn’t as great as it was in the beginning because we didn’t handle it with care.  Being selective and minimizing the amount of wack, untalented, and below average dudes inside of us is decreasing our value as women. Not saying that we can’t make mistakes, but at some point we have to learn from that mistake.  Placing the blame on him is only making his case by saying we are “ratchet”, and that we are not worthy or respectable.  We are losing reverence and it is running away from us by way of what’s between our legs. So how do we get back this power?

  1. Hold your ground- Make him work for it.  I saw a guy who said if he ain’t hitting in a month, he’s not taking her seriously.  Do not let him dictate when you open your legs. Thanks to women’s rights, you have that ability to judge when you give it up. If you want a relationship explain that and take that route necessary to obtain a solid relationship.  Doesn’t mean that you guys will work out long term, but you will feel better that you had ample time to check out more of his character, his background and everything else before you gave it up.
  2. Be discreet- With social media and the need to “capture the moment” everyone is letting people videotape their “activities”, posting it on Facebook, IG, Twitter, and God knows where else.  If ya’ll aren’t committed or married, he should not have pictures, videos, smoke signals, or paintings of you.  Any type of proof should not be within his hands.  Too much room for him to show his friends.  Then they are letting men talk them into letting other men join their ‘activities’ and expect them not to tell. THEN, they let this same group videotape it! *look at my face: stupid!*.  Stop it ladies, get that respect game up.
  3. Learn from your mistakes- We are human. No one on this earth is perfect.  However, it is expected that we learn from our mistakes.  If he isn’t taking care of his first child, why are you giving him more children?  If he isn’t giving you the commitment you want after you expressed how you felt, why are you still giving it up?  We are emotional creatures and that is something that makes us women.  We should embrace it, but we also need to be strong enough to walk away from a situation with new insight so that we can continue to grow into a better woman.


Respect for yourself is respect for your p*ssy.