Cartoon Lessons about Dating


So, if you haven’t watched the Disney movie Frozen, you are really missing out!! It’s basically about two sisters who try to overcome one sister’s “curse” of creating massive amounts of cold uncontrollably.  The younger sister, who didn’t have this skill, is who I want to focus on today.  Because the older sister couldn’t control her powers, the parents tended to keep their castle staffed with few employees and kept visitors out of the castle. After their parent’s deaths, the kingdom eventually had a coronation ball for Elsa (the “cursed” sister) and for the first time in a long time, the sisters mingled with outside people. The younger sister, Anna, meets a guy who seems to have everything in common with her.  They fall in love that same night and become engaged.  He later turns out to be a super tool and not who Anna thought he was.  Which made me think, “If Anna would have dated around, she wouldn’t have made such a huge decision quickly.”  At least that’s what you would hope to believe.  This leads to the simple fact, that even though dating can be a pain in the arse, it is a necessary thing.  Some of us may be pros at this, while others are as awkward as a 13 year old girl entering puberty. Regardless of these factors, dating has taught us the following:  

What you like- You discovered that you like a man who is chivalrous and funny.

What you don’t like-You thought him calling you playful names like ‘h*e’ was cute, but then you later discovered that’s not the case.

You learned the differences between positive or negative interactions -John calls you on a regular basis, and pays for you when you go out,(valuable) vs., Mark who only calls after 10pm(unvaluable).

You learn new skills/hobbies- One late night, I cooked a friend of mine an egg, that I burned due to being drunk.  He took me back in to the kitchen and showed me how the egg should be cooked.  I had learned a new skill. (But honestly folks, I knew how to cook an egg. I was inebriated, and lost track of time.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe me)

You have new experiences-The first time he ever took me there, in THAT way!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Use your imagination people.  It was real nasty right there.)

Discover new places-A friend of mine took me to restaurant, which I never knew existed. The food was amazing!!

And finally, how to recognize fresh milk, because the ones you tasted before were spoiled.  (I.e how to know if you got a good guy.)


Dating has it's purpose and honestly I think we are doing a disservice to ourselves by not participating in it.  Dating helps you better understand what you want in life, from others, and more importantly, from yourself.  If you do not want to or you are not dating, I implore you to get back out there.  There are lessons that you are still are learning or haven’t learned yet.  It’s hard and sometimes frustrating, but I promise if you take the fun view of dating, you will know that you will have priceless crazy moments to share with your friends. Dating is the substitute teacher ins life that we never thought we needed.