New Series: 13 Ways to Support and Uplift Our Young Women

13 Ways to Support and Uplift Our Young WomenAfter watching "13 reasons why" which is a book turned Netflix original, I was deeply moved by the story. I had heard rumblings about it from Facebook and other social media sites but I didn't really pay any attention. When you have limited time you have to pick and chose what you can look at on FB because it will have you on there for hours! (Am I right?) I finally began to watch it because I needed some videos to download for later viewing for my trip to Puerto Rico.  I downloaded all 13 episodes and watched in between down time on my vacation. I was really hooked after the 1st episode. The plot is about a young woman named Hannah who killed herself and left 13 reasons why on audio tape. She shared these tapes with those she felt had "taken her for granted" when the majority of those students were actually more interested in self preservation. These reasons ranged from malicious rumors to sexual assault. It was almost a teenage warning of what can happen and has happened to millions of young girls all over the world. 




I have to admit it was so hard to see a young woman go through so much that I cried understanding how growing up for a young woman can be a confusing and critical time in regards to establishing our self esteem. I was going to do a series on financial planning but have decided to make a 7 part series on what we can do to help support, uplift, and encourage our young women. Some may say "don't you think there is enough of that out there? I mean you did just finish a cautionary tale on Netflix!" Honestly, no. I don't think there is ever enough kindness, positivity, and support for anyone! With that being said stay tune for our next post this week which will cover #1 Volunteering your time and #2 sharing your tough lessons.