I'm Back!!!!


img_2325 Not the greatest pic of me, but I do what I can!


Hello! Hello! Hello!


Welcome to my personal blog page!  I’ve been doing this since 2013 and have loved it! What better way to get my opinions and thoughts out into the world (because we need more #sarcasm) than a saucy little website such as this.  Here you will find posts from whatever random thing that pops into my head. From relationship issues, to product reviews, there is always something for me to rant and rave about and hopefully make you laugh little bit.  If you followed me before, I had a former website called www.lifeisblast.org (now defunct) where I post various types of comments.  You will see some of my previous posts from that site which I think it’s cool to see how far my writing has changed within the past 3 years.  I decided to change it to a .com to reach out to more people, and hopefully it works!


I always love feedback! Comment, start discussions, and just talk! I think that we don’t talk enough to each other. I will say that I encourage conversation that are productive and respectful.  When visiting message boards, I see people attack other people by calling them names but have no data to support their arguments.  Then they have the nerve to believe they won the debate.  If by won, they mean they made an a**hole about themselves, then yeah, they won. Also, if my facts are wrong let me know! We don’t know what we don’t know! I can admit when I’m wrong, but again, come with those facts!


With thank you again for stopping by and checking me out! Enjoy!