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Beyoncé’s Blackness Parade at Coachella is What I Want to Do When I Grow Up

I had the pleasure of sitting and watching her full performance and as usual I was not disappointed. Since Beyoncé has been a solo act, I have gone to all of her concerts. The main reason is that this woman knows how to put on a show. From the pyrotechnics, to her very much LIVE singing, I cannot take my eyes off of her. I hate concerts where people just stand and sing. I can watch your video for all of that. If I’m going to pay money for a performance, I need to be visually entertained! I need my dollars’ worth of action or I will set this whole arena on fire…with my words on the internet. (Just covering myself in case a fire is started in a vicinity near me. It wasn’t me folks) I always thought it was pretty interesting to see how someone can keep up such high energy while singing, when I have an issue with just walking and talking. From her amazing ode to the wonderful HBCUs in America, to her singing of the black national anthem, and down to her bringing on the crew she first started with, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé left it all on the table.

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