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3 Life Lessons I Learned While Dating

Some of us (including myself) are guilty of going on pity dates or dates that we don't want to go on. Or, the offer of free food has been presented to us, so now we have to go.

Then when you go on these dates, you are unimpressed, uninterested, and uninspired. You knew that you should have stayed home and watched Netflix with chilled wine. But noooooo, you had to go out and do something with your life, and now you are stuck listening to him talk about who is stronger; Super Saiyan 4 Goku or Super Saiyan 4 Gohan.

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4 Fun Summer Dating Tips!

Don’t meet someone you just met in a private place- Many of you are into online dating, which I think is cool! Unfortunately, it’s hard to read someone until you meet them in person. Sometimes they may offer to come to your place or invite you to theirs, but just say no! Meet them (and anyone new for that matter) in a public location until you finish vetting them and are comfortable. Do not let anyone rush you to do what you aren’t ready to do. If they say they can find someone else to do whatever, throw them the deuces and get right back on it!

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Dating 101: Top 3 "Good Guys" To Watch Out For

He contacts you throughout the day and mysteriously is never available in the evening. And when he is, he is trying to come over to your home to see you. He doesn't want to go out in public on dates because he doesn't have the money to spend on expensive dates,(yeah right) and if you offer to pay he'll come up with another reason why he can't meet you but insist to come over. (He think he slick)

When you finally do go out, it's to a place that's in a obscure area.  Why is he doing this? Because he's really not single. He may be kinda single but not all the way single. What's kinda single? It can fall into some of the following categories

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