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3 Ways to Communicate Better

Another reason is that people become tired of explaining their thought process, especially if they’ve already stated it. I remember growing up people would say “I’m not a recorder. I don’t repeat myself.”  In this case, I assume you want to have miscommunication issues because you aren’t willing to be patient enough to help people understand your point of view. If they don’t hear you the first time or understand your intentions initially, why do you think saying it the same way will help them better understand you?  Sometimes it is a volume issue. Perhaps this person is hard of hearing and cannot understand what you are saying in its entirety. Other times, when you thought you were clear, you may not have been as clear as you thought you were to that individual. 

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5 Ways To Kick Start Your Path to Self Improvement: Relationships

1.     Listen to understand, not to rebut- When we participate in conversations with other people, it can be enjoyable.  But sometimes, we don't truly understand what they are saying to us.  We listen to parts and pieces but because we are ready to hurry up and be heard, we miss a lot of what they are saying.  You may even try to cut them off with your response, but because you are so focused on what you want to say next or trying to craft an “amazing” comeback, you may miss key points of the issue.  I know it might be a challenge, but sit still, clear your mind, and wait until they finish their whole thought.  It may explain what you were going to say or even answer your question entirely. Not to mention people will be happy that you sat and listened to their point of view.

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