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Why Are You Still Single?

Being single is great, but having a relationship is great too! Some of you ladies out here genuinely want a relationship and aren't all about the She-Ra-Sis-Boom-Bah single life lovers' chants. And ladies, that is okay. It's okay also to sit back and reflect on what you can do to make yourself a more attractive partner. Sometimes there are things we need to work on to be better mates, daters, or women period. We aren't all born already knowing how to be a good partner in a relationship. Sometimes you have to invest time into yourself to see what is stopping you from being great.

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I Spent Too Much Time Hating Being Single

In actuality my standards weren’t even high.  They were a low-medium at best.  At first it was just that you needed a pulse. Then I upgraded to you need a pulse and your own car.  Finally, I got to pulse, own car/crib, job that supports you and you alone(and your kids if you have them), a good person, and someone I could mentally connect with.  I set up little rules like “I’m not going to do this until I get a man” and other things that I put out into the universe hoping to cheat destiny by pretending that I didn’t want a man, but in actuality I did. I was putting so much stress on myself and listening to others so much that I was unhappy.

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