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Morgan Freeman May Have Been Outed As Having A Sexual Relationship With His Step Granddaughter

Once Freeman released his statement, it appeared that the rumors died down until a tragic event happened in 2015.  E'dena Hines was murdered by her boyfriend Lamar Davenport on August 16th outside of their Washington Heights apartments.  Neighbors reportedly could hear Hines screaming as Davenport stabbed her 25 times, while possibly shouting religious phrases. Attorney's for Davenport allege that they were both high on PCP and that the murder wasn't premeditated which is why he is being charged with Second Degree Murder. 

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5 Ways To Kick Start Your Path to Self Improvement: Relationships

1.     Listen to understand, not to rebut- When we participate in conversations with other people, it can be enjoyable.  But sometimes, we don't truly understand what they are saying to us.  We listen to parts and pieces but because we are ready to hurry up and be heard, we miss a lot of what they are saying.  You may even try to cut them off with your response, but because you are so focused on what you want to say next or trying to craft an “amazing” comeback, you may miss key points of the issue.  I know it might be a challenge, but sit still, clear your mind, and wait until they finish their whole thought.  It may explain what you were going to say or even answer your question entirely. Not to mention people will be happy that you sat and listened to their point of view.

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