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He Doesn't Want To Be With You, He's Just A Good Guy

You are this vivacious, beautiful, good azz woman who is great to be around and a blast to be with. Your family says you are a great person. Your friends think you are terrific. The guys you don't want are all in enamored with you. You are this great catch so no man should be able to resist your charm.

Unfortunately, you can be the sweetest peach in Georgia, and there is still someone who may not like peaches. (Thanks Shanna!)

There is something about you that makes him not want to be with you in an exclusive relationship. But just because he doesn't want to be committed to you, doesn't mean that he doesn't see the value in the friendship with you.

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Leslie Jones Echos The Sentiments of Many Single Women

Yes, I like to exude positivity and think on the up and up but I would be a fool to say myself or to other women that I have never felt the way that she has felt.  Especially during the holidays when you see all your friends are getting married and having kids.  She shared something deep and notable that has hit many a woman on a drunken Saturday night when they look up to see their weekend bottle of Malbec is gone and the last episode of “Frankie and Grace” has played.

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