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Lonely During The Holidays: Say No to Sex With Your Ex

The winter months are upon us, and you found your self still, single. I mean you had a great time this past summer. Dates all over the place, enjoying the heat and making moves, you had a fantastic summer! It just hasn't translated into a fantastic romance. Now that the temperature is dying down, cuffing season is upon us, and a certain someone may be dragging themselves back into your life. Yes, you guessed it, your raggedy ass ex.

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Four Way to Have a Merry Single Christmas

Use old magazines and clip out the pictures of what you want and paste them on paper or poster board.  For example, if my goal is to be a homeowner for next year, then I would find pictures of houses that I like, cut them from the magazine and paste them on my poster board.  I would do this for everything that I hope to obtain in 2018.  It’s like an art class project which is fun for adults.  The great thing about vision boards is that you will hang them up in a place where you will see it often and mentally keep yourself on track to achieve your goals. I like to do this yearly and I think it’s pretty cool! Click here for more on vision board ideas and examples to start your party.

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How A Single Gal Stays Sane During the Holidays

Be long winded and Honest- Don’t you hate those people who keep talking and talking, and you can’t get a word in edge wise? Then what do you do? Avoid them and certain topics because you don’t want to be caught up in that hurricane. Make sense right? Be that person! Be that long winded talker that makes people want to stay farrr away from the subject.  Tell them all the unexciting nuances of dating and use that Ben Stein voice to really drive it home.  Your boring story coupled with their recent ingestion of Tryptophan, will have them running away from.

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