Problems with corporate culture


Working in corporate America can for the lack of better words, suck.  We have all seen some of the problems with corporate culture.  However, there are things besides dealing with stuffy VPs, ornery customers, and tons of legal red tape that will either; A. amuse you or B. annoy you.  I’m not talking about jerk bosses, or even the fact that policy and procedures can’t accommodate your needs.  I’m talking about the little things that roll into big issues that help you hate your job just a little bit more.  If you are a corporate minion these are things that you can wholeheartedly agree with.  

  • The email sent to everyone in error but yet everyone has to respond to it- Sometimes people send out emails that wasn’t intended to go to all the persons listed on that email.  Instead of just ignoring the email because it didn’t apply to you, people tend to reply to the sender with questions such as “why am I getting this?”  Or “please remove me from your list”.  Then they hit reply all. Really? Reply all? Why does that action even make sense?!!??! THEN everyone else begins to ‘reply to all’ clogging up your inboxes.  Eventually it becomes a serious thing where upper management may have to come in and start writing up folks for disruption or insubordination. Upside? If you wait a moment, people will get really mad and start typing in caps lock.
  • No personal space in the bathroom-It is a personal pet peeve of mine when there are 6 bathroom stalls, and I am in stall #1 and the genius that comes in, has to sit next to me in stall #2, when all the other stalls are empty.  I HATE THIS! Why do you need to be next to me in a stall? I get that I’m awesome but sheesh!
  • You walk in on people taking selfies in the bathroom- I get it. You are too hot to trot. You have to show it to your adoring social fans.  It’s just really weird that you are in the stinkiest room of the building where people are ripping it or have ripped off a loud one and you have your mouth open smiling.  Ewww!
  • The coworker who can’t mind their own business- This is the coworker who knows your schedule better than you do. They know when you came in late, or how long you were on your break. They know your workload and are always willing to “help”. Unfortunately, whenever you take their help, its more about them wanting to look good and telling the boss how they had to help you in the process because you couldn’t do your job.  *Karate chop*
  • Team meetings that turn into B*tchfest- It started out as a meeting where you could share ideas, and up to date information in one area.  Until one person has a question.  Then another person finds that that question leads to a problem they have been having, which leads another person to share an issue that they have been having.  Then next thing you know, a 15 minute touch base is now a 45 meeting moan and grown session where nothing gets resolved.  The whole time you are thinking, “Why can’t you ask them these questions on your own time?”  I really hate meetings.
  • Kamikazing your end of shift- Imagine this. You have had the day from heck, it’s 4:55pm and you are about to coast for the last 5 minutes of your day.  Well at least that’s what you thought until your boss tells you about an urgent matter that needs to be completed.  They neglected to tell you it is due by 8am and would require overtime that you may not be paid for.  Why didn’t they just tell you to do it earlier? You know when you first advised them of the problem???  Tragedies…


What are some of your corporate nuisances?